GEAUX Apartment Advice


One of the first things you must decide is whether you want to live close to campus or not. Below are some of the features of both options.


What's it like to live close to campus?

  • Able to walk or bike to class
  • Easy to return home for lunch, breaks, or to pick up forgotten items
  • Close to campus when you need to meet classmates to study
  • Not able to leave during football games, but easy access to tailgating
  • Tend to be treated as a student by apartment complexes
  • Most neighbors are students
  • Rent is higher because of location

What's it like living somewhat farther away from campus?

  • Must drive to campus and find parking (risking traffic)
  • Must drive to meet classmates to study
  • Cannot return home during the day
  • Depending on how far away, you will not have to worry about game-day roads being blocked
  • Often, you are closer to stores and the interstate
  • Often treated more like a professional by apartment complex than if you are close to campus
  • Depending on your specific location, you may pay less for a nice apartment since you are not close to campus


Once you've decided whether or not to live close to campus,

you'll have to begin looking for a specific apartment. Below is

general advice to help you in your search for a Baton Rouge


  • Come here to look for apartments if possible. There are some apartments that you'll only find out about by being here and driving past, especially if you're looking to live close to campus.
  • On-campus housing is cheap, but the apartments have not been updated in quite a while.
  • Some of the neighborhoods north of campus have seen recent crime. Try to find out more about an area before you move into it.
  • The Tigerland area contains bars that cater to undergraduate LSU Students. Apartments there are affordable, but you should be aware that there will be a large number of drunk college students near your home if you live in or near this area.
  • Most apartments around campus are on the LSU Bus Route. This can be a great advantage since it saves you time finding parking, and the bus drops off in front of Lockett. Be aware that the regular buses only run until early evening and sometimes you’ll still be working or studying after the bus stops running. There are night busses that run later.
  • Check for complaints at the Better Business Bureau before renting from an apartment complex.
  • You should also be aware that some first floor apartments can flood if they are in a low-lying area. Request an upstairs apartment, or be sure to ask the complex about flooding.
  • Check out online reviews of any apartment complex you are considering.
  • If you live where you have to drive, be sure you have either a very short drive to campus, or you know multiple ways to get to campus.


Traffic is often frustrating in Baton Rouge, and you should be

aware of some of the common traffic problems when you plan

how to get to campus from where you've chosen to live. Here

are some of the high traffic streets you should be concerned


  • Highland Road- Many people live on this street, and it slows down traffic as people turn out from their homes and apartments. Being stuck in post-class traffic on Highland during rush hour is comparable to trying to cut off one of your own toes.
  • College/Lee Drive - There is a school on this street which causes congestion at certain times. Also, the closest Super Wal-Mart to campus is found here. You can generally avoid going down Lee by using the Acadian Thruway.
  • Any traffic light involving Perkins and another main street is a long wait. 
  • I-10 or I-12 (especially weekdays 4-6:30pm) - Heading west on I-10 leaving Baton Rouge across the bridge is always congested during rush hour
  • Essen Lane
  • Peak traffic times are lunchtime and 4-6:30 weekdays.
  • Just before a football game begins or ends roads near campus are restricted to one way towards or away from campus. Be aware of this.


Some Apartment Resources,

  • Graduate Housing Here is the site for on campus housing through LSU
  • Louisiana State University Off Campus Housing Search This allows LSU students who are looking for roommates, looking for a place to live, or looking to rent their property to communicate with each other. There are options to filter based on gender and undergrad/graduate student, etc.
  • Craigslist This is standard in the US, but exercise particular caution as scammers use Craigslist.