Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU)

Structure of LSU REU in Mathematics

We have had an REU here since the summer of 1993, with funding from LEQSF and NSF. For the summer of 2015, the total budgeted to each student is approximately \$5,650, comprised of \$4,000 in a cash stipend, and the balance for 8 weeks of housing on campus. The multiplicity of directors: Hoffman (algebraic geometry), Morales (number theory) and Stoltzfus (braid/knot theory) ensures that participants receive plenty of individual attention.


US citizens and permanent residents who will be enrolled in a bachelor's degree program in both Spring and Fall of 2015. Preference will be given to students who will have completed two to three years of undergraduate mathematics, including a course in abstract and/or advanced linear algebra with some experience writing proofs. Participants are expected to devote full time to the program, precluding other course work and/or outside employment.

No Summer 2016 REU: Not recommended for funding.

Preliminary REU 2016 Announcement:

Pending a successful grant renewal application,  the LSU REU returns in the summer of 2016 with the following themes:

Prospective 2016 Themes:

  • Invariants in Constructive Galois Theory
  • Arithmetic Algebraic Geometry
  • Knot theory

Tentative Summer 2016 Program Dates

Sun. 5 June - Fri. 29 Jul, 2016.

Previous REU 2015 Announcement:

Refreshed by their sabbatical leaves, the LSU REU returns in the summer of 2015 with three faculty mentors Neal Stoltzfus, Jorge Morales, and William Hoffman.

Prospective 2015 Themes:

  • Invariants in Galois Theory, Geometry, and Knot theory

Summer 2015 Program Dates

Sun. 7 June - Fri. 31 Jul, 2015.

2015 Themes:

Invariants in Galois Theory, Geometry, and Knot theory

We will explore the interaction of several areas of mathematics centering around braids and knots, group actions and Galois theory, graphs and polyhedra, as well as modular and related functions. Specifically, our proposed projects will be individually and collaboratively designed. We plan to propose problems in the combinatorics of polynomial functions of graphs, knots and their bounding Seifert surfaces, Galois groups and group actions and relationships with modular functions. The structure of graphs embedded on surfaces (dessins, 2-dimensional ribbon/fat graphs) is potentially useful in all three areas. More details are found under General Information and particularly under Topics (for 2012) below.

General information Activities & Program history

Our program Structure

Mathematical Topics

Application Forms: The Online Application is available at Your complete application consists of the following:

  1. Completed application form (online at
  2. Recommendations from two mathematician (coordinated by
  3. Copy of your college transcript. (A scanned copy in PDF format can be attached and uploaded to the application site.)

Application Deadline: (1 March, 2015; Late applications accepted if positions open.)

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