REU 2015 Structure


2015 Program Dates:  Sun. 7 June - Fri. 24 July, 2014

Topics in Graphs, Groups, Knots and Geometry

We will explore the interaction of several areas of mathematics centering around group actions, graphs and polyhedra, braids and knots For more details on the mathematical context see:

Mathematical Topics

Structure of LSU REU in Mathematics

We have had an REU here since the summer of 1993, with funding from LEQSF and NSF. For 2013, the total budgeted to each student is approximately \$5,650, comprised of a \$4,000 in cash stipend, and the remainder for 8 weeks of housing in campus apartment. The three directors: Hoffman (algebraic geometry), Morales (number theory) and Stoltzfus (braid/knot theory) devote full time to the program during the summer insuring that participants receive plenty of individual attention. Still curious about what to expect for the summer? More information is available here.