2024 Curtis E. Huntington Memorial Scholarship for Math Major Bren Hutchinson

Bren Hutchinson Bren Hutchinson, an LSU math major, was awarded the 2024 Curtis E. Huntington Memorial Scholarship by the Actuarial Foundation. This scholarship is granted through a national competition open to full-time college seniors who are planning to pursue a career as an actuary. This year, the Actuarial Foundation awarded ten such scholarships.

Bren Hutchinson (he/they), currently serving as the Vice-President of the LSU Actuarial Student Association, spent Summer 2023 as a Machine Learning Researcher at North Dakota State University. There, Hutchinson worked on a project titled “Parallelized Classification Analysis Algorithm using Glowworm Swarm Optimization.” At LSU, they are mentored by Professor Larry Smolinsky.

The Actuarial Foundation is the philanthropic organization for the actuarial industry in the United States. It is supported by The American Society of Pension Professionals & Actuaries, The American Academy of Actuaries, The Casualty Actuarial Society, The Conference of Consulting Actuaries, and The Society of Actuaries.