Extra Credit Opportunity

I am very interested in determining how effectively the materials I have prepared communicate the concepts I want to communicate. You can help me in this task by providing feedback on any of the following items:

Summary and homework (PDF) | Reading on Variables (PDF) | Help on assignment 2 (PDF) | Reading on distributions, frequency tables and relative frequency (PDF) | Hand out on probability. | Probability exercises (HTML Version) | Notes on the binomial coefficients (PDF) | Notes for assignment given Oct. 30 (PDF) | Notes from class Friday, Nov.1. (PDF) | Overview for Week 12.

Madden: provide links to the items at the web site that contain content.

Please follow these guidelines:

  1. State the number and title of the item you are responding to.
  2. Write a summary in your own words summarizing the most important ideas in the notes.
  3. Point ou passages that you thought were difficult to understand. If possible, suggest improvements. In particula. if there is a part that you struggled to understand, I would encourage you to provide me with a rewrite that you expect would make it easier for others to get the point.
  4. Point out any passages that you thought were particularly helpful and explain why.

How credit will be assigned:

The amount of credit will depend on the usefulness of the work you submit. A set of suggestions that enables me to make significnat improvments in the course materials will be worth the credit of one quiz. (You do not necessarily need to suggest specific improvements. An essay that really enabled me to understand why you may be having difficulty understanding a given concept could be equally valuable.) Work that is sloppy or not carefully thought out will not earn any extra credit.


Extra credit work will be accepeted up until the last day of classes.