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M4003: Instructional Strategies in Mathematics
Fall 2005
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James J. Madden
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Important current announcements for students.

After the first meeting, this course will meet in Prescott 205.

Your pre-proposals (October 5, 2005).

Your pre-proposals (October 12, 2005).

Reading Assignment October 12, 2005. J. Madden on ratio.

Reading assignment October 26, 2005. Z. Usiskin, from the 1988 NCTM Yearbook, The Ideas of Algebra. Suggestion: In order to read this, print the 6 scanned images. Pages 8-9, 10-11, 12-13, 14-15, 16-17, 18-19.

Catalogue description

4003 Instructional Strategies in Mathematics (1) F, S
Prereq: MATH 3002, EDCI 3002 and concurrent enrollment in EDCI 4003.
The student will study and participate in instructional activities and strategies for mathematics that depart from the lecture style; e.g., cooperative learning or open-ended problem exploration. Students will design and conduct a mathematics lesson using such a strategy.

This fall, students in M4003 in cooperation with their mentor teachers and the 4003 instructor will 1) select a unit from the Louisiana Comprehensive curriculum for middle or high-school mathematics, 2) study its content and its pedagogical intent, 3) prepare a written overview of these things and 4) collaborate with their mentors in delivering selected parts of the unit.

Useful links.

The Louisiana Comprehensive Curriculum is available for download here.

Unit-Planning Work Book (MSWord). This was prepared for use in a LaSIP workshop. Teachers in the workshop liked it. Student in 4003 may consider using this as a guide for planning the units they will help to deliver.

Sites relevant to Praxis test: