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M4005 Geometry

February 8, 2006

This class was led by Leah Childers, the TA for the course. Students worked together on the homework problems; see below.


  1. The due date for problems originally to be handed in 02/08/06 has been extended. The new due date will be Friday, February 10. Instructions for turning in the assignment will be given in class on Wednesday. Class on Wednesday will be devoted to assisting you with the solutions to these problems. The assignment is:
  2. By Monday February 13, read and study the readings at the Traingle Area Page. Browse the pre/post tests from a previous class, and determine which methods of proof or explanation were used in the post-tests.
  3. Due Monday February 13: bring to class two questions that you would consider appropriate for the first test.
  4. Due Wednesday February 15: Stillwell 1.5.1--4 (page 17).