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M4005: Geometry
Spring 2006
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Textbooks for this course:
  • Euclid' Elements. Green Lion Press 2002. If you wish to study Euclid on the web, use this source: David Joyce's Java edition of Euclid.
  • John Stillwell, The Four Pillars of Geometry. Springer 2005.

Grading. Grades in this course will be determined as follows: Homework 30-40%; Tests 40-60%. Project 0-30%. Details will be provided later.

Odds and Ends

Sylvester's Problem. Show that given any finite set of 2 or more points in the plane that do not all lie on one line, there is a line that contains exactly two of them. To learn about this interesting problem, look here. More information can be found by searching "Sylvester'sTheorem" on the web.

Acknowledgement: This course incorporates materials developed by Louisiana educators with the support of NSF Grant 0087892.