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  Computer Programs

I have been programming computers since sixth grade.  In those days if you wanted a word processor, you wrote it yourself.  That entrepreneur spirit appears to be making a comeback with OpenSource.  Check out my brother's OpenSource program GROK for example.

Unfortunately, many of the programs I have written were for Whirlpool Corporation, and therefore, not available to the general public.

Programs I have written

Cube Diagram Calculator (with Adam Lowrance)
Louisiana State University, 2009

Braid Manipulator.
Michigan State University, 1999.

  • A Mathematica procedure for calculating the multivariable Alexander polynomial of a link, presented as a braid on n strings. This program was based upon a Maple program by H.R.Morton and Julian Hodgson, Liverpool University, January 1996.

  • The drawing procedures were written by Joe Christy.

  • Download this program: braids.nb. Load into Mathematica and review the commands at the top of the file.

Employee Development System
Whirlpool Corporation, 1993.

  • Written in ObjectPal with some parts written in C++ and Pascal.

  • Databases used were Paradox and Oracle (Client Server Technology).

  • Application designed in the Windows environment.

  • Approximate number of users: 300-400 per site.

  • Not available for download.

Whirlpool Corporation, 1991

  • Written in Pascal.

  • Application designed for Comshare's Commander EIS environment.

  • Approximate number of users: Vice Presidents and above at Whirlpool.

  • Not available for download.

NetQuest System
Whirlpool Corporation, 1989

  • Written in NOMAD2 using NOMAD2's database.

  • Application designed in VM operating environment.

  • Approximate number of users: All Whirlpool employees.

  • Not available for download.

Teacher Gradebook Module
Surfside Software, Inc., 1987.

  • Written in Turbo Basic for the DOS operating system.

  • Commercial Software.

  • This is a grade book program which I wrote when I was fifteen and sixteen. It sold commercially and paid for part of my bachelor degree.

  • Download this program: gbm.zip: (457k). Unzip this file to a temporary directory and then read the file "read.me" for directions on how to install.

Programs just for fun

Focus Software, 1987

This is a "cute" 80's DOS-based program which I wrote as a practical joke. I had a tenth grade programming teacher who was very strict about his computers. To dishevel him, I wrote a program which mimics the command line BASIC programs of the past. It looked like BASIC, it smelled like BASIC, but with one key difference. When you ran a simple program it reported an error where there was clearly no error. To make matters worse, the students installed the "fake" basic programming language on all of the computers in the classroom. I took our teacher from computer to computer showing the error was occurring on ALL of the  machines. It completely fooled him, he thought that the computers were breaking down, and before I could stop him he had left the room to call the computer company and tell the principal about the situation. On his return, I let him in on the practical joke. I guess I should have gotten into a lot of trouble, but he was more relieved that it was a joke than an actual disaster. Instead of punishing me, he motivated me to write the GBM program above. I will always be grateful I had him as a teacher. By the way, the program that fooled him is called "error.pre" and you can see it by typing LOAD "ERROR.PRE" at the prompt and then typing LIST. To run the program, type RUN. After fooling him, I tried to turn the program into a presentation maker (like Power Point). But as a presentation maker, it is terrible compared to what is out there now. It just has an interesting history which Power Point could never have.

Download this program: Present!.zip (71k)

Computer Knowledge

  • Operating Environments:  MVS, VM, OS/2, UNIX, DOS, Windows (3.x, 95, NT), Macintosh, Novell.

  • Programming Languages: Java (Limited), C, C++, Pascal, Mathematica, Maple, BASIC (all forms), COBOL, FORTRAN, ObjectPAL and PAL, Nomad2

  • Databases: Nomad2, Paradox (DOS and Windows), Oracle, DBase III

  • Internet: Netscape, Microsoft Explorer, Shock wave, Cool Talk, FTP.

  • Software: Mathematica, Knowledgeware Case Tools, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Project, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, Paint Brush, and PROFS.




Scott J. Baldridge
224 Lockett Hall
Department of Mathematics
Louisiana State University
Baton Rouge, LA 70803