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  Teaching Experience

Classes I have taught

I taught my own class for all courses below, listed in order from graduate school to remedial mathematics.  My responsibilities included developing and presenting lectures, creating homework, worksheets, quizzes, and test, tutoring in office hours, grading and assigning final grades.


  • Seiberg-Witten Theory (Spring 2004).  Topics course for graduate students. (IU)

  • Riemannian and Symplectic Geometry.  Introduction to Riemannian geometry: manifolds, metrics, Levi-Civita connections. We will use this technology to introduce and investigate Symplectic Geometry. (LSU, Math 7590-2, Fall 2006)

  • Topology I.  Basic notions of general topology, with emphasis on Euclidean and metric spaces, continuous and differentiable functions, inverse function theorem and its consequences.  (LSU, Fall 2005)

  • Geometry for Teachers.  Supervised two GAANN fellows. (LSU)

  • Step Courses for Teachers.  Math 3001 and 3002.  (LSU)

  • Multivariable Calculus. Supervised one teaching assistant. (MSU)

  • Elementary Measurement and Geometry. Supervised teaching assistants. (MSU)

  • Elementary Mathematics for Teachers.  Course supervisor for Fall 2003 semester.  Supervised 4 instructors. (MSU and IU)

  • Calculus I.  Supervised two teaching assistants per semester.  (IU)

  • Survey of Calculus with Applications. Also known as ``Harvard Calculus.''  (MSU)

  • College Algebra. Worked in a special program for disadvantaged and under prepared students (Enrichment Program). Supervised teaching assistants. (MSU)

  • Intermediate Algebra.  Enrichment Program. Supervised teaching assistants. (MSU)

Student Evaluations

At Louisiana State University

Here is the list of scores at LSU.  The highest mark is 5 and the number in [] is the departmental average.  At LSU, 

5 means `strongly agree',
4 means `agree',
3 means `undecided', 
2 means `disagree', and 
1 means `strongly disagree'.  

The questions that were asked are as follows:

1. The instructor motivated me to do my best.
2. I have learned a lot in this class.
3. The instructor clearly communicated the learning objectives of the course.
4. The instructor communicated clearly and understandably.
5. The instructor was available for assistance outside the course.
6. The instructor was concerned about student learning.
7. The instructor was well prepared for each class.
8. The graded work reflected the important aspects of the course.
9. The instructor demonstrated respect for the students.
10. Overall, the instructor was an effective teacher.
11. Summary of all questions.

Here are the means to those questions:

When Course Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q5 Q6 Q7 Q8 Q9 Q10 Q11
F2005 M3001 4.78
F2005 M7510 4.60
S2005 M4005 4.82


At Michigan State University

Here is my complete list of student evaluations from fall 1995 until 2000 at Michigan State University.  Note that 4 is the highest mark and the number in [ ] is the average for all teachers who taught that course.
Course Section Enthusiasm Concern for 
for classes
of Material
F95  Remed.
1 4.00 [3.28] 3.93 [3.04] 3.93[3.36] 3.87 [3.28] 3.80 [2.93] 3.93 [3.04] 15 [8350]
S96  Algebra  1 4.00 [3.22] 3.88[2.86] 4.00 [3.31] 3.88 [3.13] 3.88 [2.70] 3.88 [2.87] 8 [11271]
F96  Remed.
1 4.00 [3.28] 3.73 [3.04] 3.88[3.36] 3.73 [3.28] 3.65 [2.93] 3.73 [3.04] 26 [8350]
F96  Remed.
2 3.93 [3.28] 3.24 [3.04] 3.69[3.36] 3.79 [3.28] 3.55 [2.93] 3.62 [3.04] 29 [8350]
S97  Harvard
1 3.95 [3.46] 3.75[3.18] 3.95 [3.50] 3.90 [3.45] 3.85 [3.01] 3.90 [3.20] 20 [7210]
Sum97  Calc III 1 3.95 [3.22] 3.86[3.01] 3.90 [3.25] 3.90 [3.31] 3.90 [2.85] 3.76 [2.99] 21 [3750]
F97  Harvard
1 3.83 [3.46] 3.72[3.18] 3.78 [3.50] 3.72 [3.45] 3.61 [3.01] 3.50 [3.20] 18 [7210]
F98  Math for Teach. 1 4.00 [3.52] 3.50[3.20] 3.81 [3.40] 4.00 [3.35] 3.88 [3.13] 3.75 [3.19] 16 [2533]
F98  Math
2 4.00 [3.52] 3.77[3.20] 3.92 [3.40] 3.92 [3.35] 3.92 [3.13] 3.69 [3.19] 13 [2533]
S99  Math
1 3.77 [3.52] 2.65[3.20] 3.15 [3.40] 2.88 [3.35] 2.62 [3.13] 2.69 [3.19] 26 [2533]
Sum99  Meas. & Geo. 1 4.00 [3.46] 3.63[3.08] 3.79 [3.31] 3.74 [3.28] 3.79 [3.02] 3.68 [3.03] 19 [1450]
F99  Math
1 4.00 [3.52] 3.31[3.20] 3.69 [3.40] 3.62 [3.35] 3.23 [3.13] 3.38 [3.19] 26 [2533]
F99  Math.
2 3.93 [3.52] 2.93[3.20] 3.40 [3.40] 3.53 [3.35] 3.00 [3.13] 2.93 [3.19] 15 [2533]
S00  Math.
1 4.00 [3.52] 3.64[3.20] 3.91 [3.40] 3.86 [3.35] 3.68 [3.13] 3.73 [3.19] 22 [2533]

In general my scores at MSU are at least one standard deviation above the average scores. Notable exceptions are S99 and one class of F99.  This is interesting because these average scores occurred during semesters we (Tom Parker and I) were recreating the course from near scratch and we were still doing a lot of retooling of the content and form. Students also knew that they were learning more challenging content than students who took the course in previous semesters and they often reported this during the course and on the evaluations.

At Indiana University

Here are all of my evaluations from Indiana University.  The rating system is different from MSU's straight scale.  At IU, 

4 means `strongly agree',
3 means `agree',
2 means `undecided', 
1 means `disagree', and 
0 means `strongly disagree'.  

The questions that were asked are as follows:

1. Overall, I would rate the quality of this course as outstanding.
2. Overall, I would rate this instructor as outstanding.
3. My instructor is well prepared for class meetings.
4. My instructor explains the material clearly.
5. My instructor is enthusiastic about teaching this course.
6. My instructor is knowledgeable on course topics.
7. My instructor is regularity available for consultation.
8. The grading procedures for the course are fair.

Here are the means to those questions:

When Course Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q5 Q6 Q7 Q8
F2001 Teacher 2.79 3.00 3.53 3.21 3.74 3.84 2.95 2.68
S2002 Calc. I 2.96 3.36 3.72 3.52 3.62 3.8 3.56 3.40
F2003 Calc. I 3.40 3.40 3.76 3.52 3.88 3.92 3.32 3.72
F2003 Calc. I 3.31 3.31 3.88 3.19 4.00 3.88 3.42 3.85

Ironically, I am most proud of my lowest scores (Q1 and Q2 for Fall2001, Mathematics for Teachers).  Apparently the scores for F2001 are some of the highest ever posted for that course.  The calculus evaluations are excellent as well, but it easier to get high evaluations for such classes.  

You may also be wondering about my grade distributions. To see for yourself, visit:  http://registrar.indiana.edu/GradeDistribution.

 Student Comments
Nice comments:

Listed below are all comments (good and bad) made by my Math 4005 class at LSU in Spring 2005. 

  • I really liked this class. Dr. Baldridge encouraged us to be better teachers, which is not something I have found elsewhere.  He was really positive about U.S. education and U.S. teachers.  I really appreciated that because it made me more positive.  He was a great professor, and I would love for an opportunity to take him again.  Also, he really challenged me, which is also something that does not happen often.

  • Quite possibly one of the best pure teaching jobs I have sat through during college.  I have learned more about education and teaching math than in any of my EDCI classes.  He motivated me to study further about mathematics.

  • I like the fact we used the Singapore books because they showed a different way of teaching/learning.  I do think the class could have had more information on how to teach the class rather than doing all the problems in the books.  I will however keep the books and your text to supplement my teaching in the years to come.

  • I felt like the only part of the course that could have been improved was the level of guidance in seeing how to teach the material to the kids.  I think that could have been more directed.

  • Professor Baldridge did a great job.

  • Thank you Professor Baldridge. You have honestly been one of the most inspiring persons I've had the privilege of being taught by.  I hope I can, one day, be as effective as you have been.

  • He a math genius.  (Sorry-- I couldn't help it).  *See humorous comments below.

  • I think that focusing this course on education is important because so many people in the course are ed. majors.  Thank you for taking the time to not only talk about good teaching, but to actually demonstrate it as well.

The following 5 comments came the same Calc. III. class (out of 21):

  • By far the best math professor I have had at MSU. I'm thinking of becoming a math major because of this class. - Calc. III Student.

  • He is very good at explaining the simplest manner so it is easily understandable. He is also good at approaching an explanation from a different perspective if his first perspective isn't understood. - Calc. III student.

  • I feel that Scott was a good teacher, probably the best math teacher I have had yet at MSU. He really did a good job at explaining everything so that we could understand the material. - Calc. III student.

  • Scott is the best calc teacher I have had to date here at MSU. If all profs and TA's were more like him the whole calc sequence would be much more bearable. - Calc III Student.

  • I think this TA was a very good teacher. He did an excellent job on showing us what the goal of the course was, then took us step by step to get there. He was very enthusiastic and wanted to make sure math majors and engineers understood concepts because they will be needed for other courses. His explanations and example problems were good. - Calc. III student

A group of prospective teachers:

  • Out of all my professors here at MSU, I feel that Scott was the only one that I have had who truly cared about my performance. I really appreciated all of Scott's motivation, words of advice, and concern for my learning. He has gone out of his way to make sure I understand the material. Scott is one of the teachers that I will remember 10, 20, 30 ... years from now. -- prospective teacher

  • Scott is the most influential teacher I have had at MSU. He shows an extraordinary understanding of math, and he is able to communicate the concepts to the class in a very systematic matter. I enjoyed the challenge he put forward everyday. -- prospective teacher.

  • Great teacher, loves math, a lot of teachers could not teach material this deep. He did a damn fine job. -- prospective teacher.

Other Students:

  • The best math teacher I had in 4 years at MSU (I have taken 5 math classes!) -- prospective teacher.

  • Wow! This was the best class I have ever taken. I do not enjoy math and usually do not do very well. Although my grade isn't great, I feel like I have learned a lot of knowledge. I think educational/teaching background you gave was useful and important. Kudos Scott! Thanks.--  prospective teacher.

  • Good Teacher. Added a lot more than just math to the course. This gave an overall better view of the mathematics that was taught. -- prospective teacher.

Difficult Material:

  • Disliked the frustration!! (I know we need to work through it to be successful in understanding!) Liked how he integrated actual ways to teach elementary students this material. -- Measurement and Geometry Student

  • Scott is an awesome math teacher despite my perpetual frustration with the tough material. The other section of Math 202 worked on tessellation, did no proofs and no constructions, while we worked our butts off for the semester -- it is frustrating that the required math education for teachers is so variable. -- Measurement and Geometry Student

  • I liked just about all the information taught. It was challenging, but not impossible to work with. -- Math 201 student
    I liked the difficulty of the material. It made me stay on my toes and learn. -- prospective teacher

Humorous (and sometimes sad):


  • "Good overall, but absent minded. Knows his stuff, he is a real math nerd." - Calc. III student.

  • "He a math genius." - Remedial Algebra student. (Yes, the missing "is" is not a typo.)

  • Went into detail on most areas but every so often skimmed over other areas that everyone already should have known about. --- Measurement and Geometry Student

  • You should consider letting students do their test in groups. -- Measurement and Geometry Student

  • I dislike math and I hope to got a good grade. -- prospective teacher

Needs improvement:

  • Assumed that we had a strong background in math. It seems the material relied on a lot of skills I did not have, even though I was successful in Math 201. - Measurement and Geometry Student

  • You tended to skip over steps in problems that you assumed that you assumed everyone knew how to do. I was one who didn't know lots of small simple things -- I needed those steps, but you were very helpful in your office hours with my questions. -- Measurement and Geometry Student

  • Scott is an excellent teacher and has a great understanding of the math concepts. Things he can improve on is giving more examples about the material that he is teaching. He gives homework problems and often there are no examples to follow. -- prospective teacher

  • He definitely knew what he was talking about, but I felt he got frustrated when I didn't understand, which was often. -- prospective teacher

Student Recommendations

In 1998 I was recommended for a Michigan State University teaching award. Part of the application process required student recommendations. Here are three of them:



Scott J. Baldridge
224 Lockett Hall
Department of Mathematics
Louisiana State University
Baton Rouge, LA 70803