Math 4200: Abstract Algebra I, Fall 2002

Class: 9:10-10:30am Lockett 132

Ambar Sengupta

Office: Lockett 324


Office Hours: Tuesdays and Thursdays 10:30am-11:30am.

Homework Assignments.

Tests: Test 1, Test 2, Test 3.

Elementary properties of sets, relations, mappings, integers; groups, subgroups, normal subgroups, quotient groups, homomorphisms, automorphisms, and permutation groups; elementary properties of rings.

Textbook: "A First Course in Abstract Algebra" by Joseph J. Rotman, Prentice Hall, 2nd Edition.

We plan to cover most sections of Chapters 1,2,3 of the textbook.

There will be several homework assignments [20% of course], 3 regular examinations [50%], and a final examination [30%]. Passing grades will be decided as follows: A for excellent/distinguished performance, B for good performance, C for acceptable work, D for poor. For example, a final course score of 90% or above should qualify for A, 80-89% would qualify for B, 65-79% for C, and 40-64% for D. These figures are not exact and are given only as a rough guide.