SONIA KOVALEVSKY   High School Mathematics Day at LSU
May 8th, 2010

Organized by the LSU Student Chapter of the Association for Women in Mathematics

Sonia Kovalevsky Bio

Schedule of Activities

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This is the schedule of the LSU Sonia Kovalevsky Day:

8:20-8:45a.m Breakfast/Registration 
8:45-9:00a.m Welcome and Who was Sonia Kovalevsky? - Silvia Jimenez
9:05-9:55a.m Play SET (to get to know each other) - Maliha Bahri, Susan AbernathyAnna ZemlyanovaZuhal Yeter
10:00-10:30a.m Workshop 1: "Knot Coloring" - Heather Russell
10:35-11:05a.m Workshop 2: "Randomness isn't so random" - Prof. George Cochran
11:10-11:40a.m  Workshop 3: "Random Fibonacci Sequences" - Trevor McGuire
11:45-noon Group Photo
12:00-13:00p.m Group LUNCH - Social time - VIGRE experiences
13:05-13:30p.m  Keynote Speaker : Prof. Susanne Brenner
13:35-15:00p.m Math Battle: Susan Abernathy, Deborah Chun, Lee Windsperger
15:10-15:45p.m Career Discussion and Refreshments: Prof. Scott Baldridge, Susan Abernathy, Deborah Chun
15:45-16:20p.m Evaluations, Awards + Door Prizes, Conclusions.

The funds for the Sonia Kovalevsky Dat at LSU were provided by the LSU VIGRE Program