Conference organization

Around singularities in Poisson geometry -- a BIRS workshop at IASM Hangzhou in July 2025.

I am part of the steering committee of the Gone Fishing conference series -- the next meeting will take place at Northwestern University in April 2024.

Lie theory and Poisson geometry -- a conference at CIRM in January 2022.

Special session on Geometric and categorical methods in representation theory -- at the (virtual) AMS Spring Western Sectional Meeting in May 2021.

Seminars I've organized

Open Neighborhood Seminar -- the undergraduate colloquium series at Harvard.

Snapshots of Math at Harvard -- a symposium of short talks by young researchers in the department.

UChicago Student Representation Theory Seminar.

Other activities I've been involved with

UChicago SESAME -- a content-based endorsement program for middle school math teachers in Chicago.

WOMP -- the UChicago math department's two-week orientation program for new graduate students.

UChicago DRP.

I made this website using Zev Chonoles' great guide.