Publications and preprints

Wonderful varieties with a view towards Poisson geometry (expository)

Reduction along strong Dirac maps (with Maxence Mayrand)

A quasi-Poisson structure on the multiplicative Grothendieck-Springer resolution
      Contemporary Math. 790:1-14, 2023.

Steinberg slices and group-valued moment maps
      Adv. Math. 402, 2022.

Perverse sheaves and the cohomology of regular Hessenberg varieties (with Peter Crooks)
      Transform. Groups, 2022.

The partial compactification of the universal centralizer
      Selecta Math. 29(5), 2023.

The Peterson variety and the wonderful compactification,
      Represent. Theory 21:132-150, 2017.

Other notes

In Spring 2018 I taught a graduate course on topics in geometric representation theory at Harvard. The notes are here and here.

In Spring 2013 I passed my topic examination at UChicago. Here is my proposal.

In Fall 2012 I organized a learning seminar on geometric invariant theory at UChicago, which was supervised by Victor Ginzburg. Here are some notes from my talks.