Stephen P. Shipman
Professor and Director of Graduate Studies
Department of Mathematics
Louisiana State University
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electric field magnitude

Welcome to my mathematics website.

My research concerns the mathematics that arises in the study of waves in composite media.
The problems I investigate concern the following topics.

  • Spectral theory of differential and integral operators
  • Electromagnetic resonance; meta-materials
  • Coupled nonlinear dispersive systems; polariton equations
Link to PUBLICATIONS. Here are some recent works on the Fermi surface:
Research group at LSU
Stephen Shipman
Rui Han (Asst. Professor)
Daniel Massatt (Asst. Professor)
Doosung Choi (Postdoc)
Jorge Villalobos (doctoral student)
Alina Oktyabrskaya (doctoral student)
Joel Keller (math major)
Postdoctoral associates
Doosung Choi, Fall 2022-
Wei Li, Spring 2018-Summer 2020 (Presently Asst. Prof. at DePaul University)
Cristi Guevara, Fall 2014-Fall 2017 (Presently at Decision Center for Educational Excellence at AZ State)
Aaron Welters, Fall 2011-Spring 2012 (Presently Ass. Prof. at FIT)
Past Ph.D. advisees
Lee Fisher, Ph.D. 2023
Zhaoxia "Mary" Wang, Ph.D. 2018
Emily McHenry, Ph.D. 2017
Gayan Abeynanda, Ph.D. 2016
Hairui Tu, Ph.D. 2011
Santiago Fortes, Ph.D. 2010
Natalia Ptitsyna, Ph.D. 2009
My research has been funded by five grants from the National Science Foundation and by the LSU Board of Regents. See the "Funding" link in the sidebar.
Associate editor
SIAM J Appl Math (SIAP)
Results in Appl Math (RINAM)
Analysis and Math Phys (AAMP)

UH-TAMU-LSU Undergraduate Math Conference
This semi-local annual conference is a sharing of the undergraduate research programs at UH, TX A&M and LSU. Here are links to the past conferences: 2024 2023 2022 2020 2019 2018 2017

NSF-supported GUI for EM in layered media
(online graphical user interface coming "soon")

Recent contributors:
Aaron Welters (FIT)
Andrew Welters
Joel Keller (math major)

Research experiences for undergraduates
By carefully selecting projects, mentoring undergraduates can be rewarding for student and mentor. Read about the projects of my students at the REU link. Some of them are

Toy Model for Density of Bound States
Misconceptions in Vector Calculus
Structure vs. Spectra for Quantum Graphs
Modes and Resonance in Anisotropic Media
Lattice Model for Metamaterials

Math Consultation Clinic
In the MCC, graduate students manage teams of undergraduate students in problems from other disciplines and research entities and companies on and off the LSU campus.

Opportunities for undergraduate students
This link lists opportunities for undergraduate mathematics majors to become involved in research. We encourage our majors to begin early. Students may contact me about this. Take a look at some of the current PROJECTS in mathematics that involve undergraduates.

electric field magnitude

My mathematics studies transpired at the University of Arizona in Tucson. Under the direction of Prof. Nicholas Ercolani an increasing number of years ago, I completed my Ph.D. on the topic "A continuum limit of a finite discrete nonlinear Schrödinger system."

This is my trajectory anti-chronologically:

Professor, Louisiana State University (2014-)
Visitor, Institute for Mathematics and its Applications, Minneapolis, MN (Fall 2016)
Associate Professor, Louisiana State University (2008-2014)
Visiting Researcher, Universidad Carlos III, Madrid (Fall 2010)
Research Scientist, Courant Institute, NYU (2006-'07)
Visiting Professor, Institut Élie Cartan, Nancy, France (summer, 2006)
Assistant Professor, Louisiana State University (2002-'08)
Visiting Assistant Professor, Duke University (2001-'02)
Assistant Research Professor, Duke University (-2001)
Ph.D, University of Arizona, advisor: Nicholas Ercolani

Some awards:

2019 LSU College of Science Graduate Teaching Award
2015 LSU Alumni Association Faculty Excellence Award
2015 LSU Tiger Foundation Undergraduate Teaching Award
2014 Dr. Marion "Soc" Socolofsky Award for Teaching Excellence, LSU College of Science
2012 N. A. Khizhnyak Award, by the International Conference on Mathematical Methods in Electromagnetic Theory in Ukraine, "for the Contribution to Electromagnetic Theory" (x=shipman)  Privacy Statement here.  Provide Website Feedback here.  Accessibility Statement here.