SIAM Texas-Louisiana Section

Louisiana State University
October 5-7, 2018

Professional Minisymposia

SIAM TX-LA Conference Schedule for Oct 6 & 7

The detailed schedule is available here, and a list of abstracts is available here.

The professional mini-symposia include:

Modeling, analysis, and computation in mathematical biology
Organizer: Xiang-Sheng Wang ( UL Lafayette

Computational methods for waves in complex media
Orgenizers: Wei Cai and Tom Hagstrom, (, ) SMU

High-order accurate numerical methods for multi-physics problems
Organizer: Longfei Li, ( ) UL Lafayette

Numerical PDE/ODE and HPC applications
Organizer: Don Liu, ( ) LA Tech

Imaging and inverse problems
Organizer: Tan Bui-Thanh, ICES, ( ) UT Austin

Mathematics in oil and gas exploration and production
Organizers: Ipsita Gupta, ( ) LSU and Monika Valjak, ( ) Chevron

Spectral theory of differential operators
Organizer: Stephen Shipman, ( ) LSU

Novel fast methods for simulation and stability studies in enhanced oil recovery
Organizers: Prabir Daripa, ( Department of Mathematics, Texas A&M University, College Station, TX

Numerical approximation of fractional differential equations
Organizers: Andrea Bonito, ( ) Texas A&M, and Robert Lipton, ( ) LSU

Mathematical and computational aspects of fracture
Organizers: Blaise Bourdin, ( ) LSU, and Robert Lipton, ( ) LSU

Nonlinear partial differential equations and applications
Organizers: Phuc Nguyen, LSU, ( ) and Karthik Adimurthi, SNU, Seoul

Numerical Geometric PDE
Organizers: Alan Demlow ( Texas A&M University and Shawn Walker ( LSU

Nonlinear modeling of disease dynamics
Organizer: Kun Gou ( Texas A&M University, Md Rafiul Islam ( ) Texas Tech University, and Tamer Oraby ( ) University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley

Nonlinear conservation laws and applications
Organizers: Kun Zhao ( Tulane University and Yanni Zeng ( University of Alabama at Birmingham

Mathematical Modeling in Ecology and Epidemiology
Organizers: Hayriye Gulbudak, ( University of Louisiana at Lafayette, Mac Hyman ( Tulane University

Switched Systems in Controls
Oleg Makarenkov (>) University of Texas Dallas

Image processing algorithms: progress and challenges
Organizer: Hyoungsu Baek ( Aramco Research Center

Models and Methods in Biology and Physics: From the Stochastic to the Continuum
Orginizer: William Ott ( University of Houston

If you would like to propose a mini symposium on any topic, please use the meeting e-mail or contact Robert Lipton (LSU) or Anusha Sekar (Chevron).

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Louisiana State University

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