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About the Conference

Modular forms and modular curves appear naturally in many areas in mathematics, computer sciences and physics, especially the string theory. The theory of modular forms and modular curves has close ties to Galois representations, L-functions, and algebraic varieties such as elliptic curves. Traditionally, understanding the arithmetic properties of classical modular forms boils down to studying the arithmetic of their Fourier q-expansions. In recent times more general modular forms have become central objects of study. Instead of using Fourier expansions, one can realize modular forms as solutions of differential equations. In particular, modular forms on arithmetic triangle groups can be expressed in terms of Gauss hypergeometric functions. On the other hand, Gauss hypergeometric functions are periods of generalized Legendre curves. The hypergeometric functions over complex field, finite fields, and their truncated version play important roles in the study of generalized Legendre curve, by providing lots of information of these curves. Higher dimensional analogues to the generalized Legendre curves, hypergeometric varieties enjoy tight connections with modular forms, hypergeometric functions in different settings as well.

Confirmed Plenary Speakers

Luca Candelori Wayne State University
William Chen McGill University
Jenny Fuselier High Point University
Victor Hugo Moll Tulane University
Armin Straub University of South Alabama
Yilong Wang Louisiana State University

Additional Speakers

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Jerome Hoffman Louisiana State University
Ling Long Louisiana State University
Karl Mahlburg Louisiana State University
Fang-Ting Tu Louisiana State University
Graduate Student: Liem Nguyen Louisiana State University
Graduate Student: Bao Pham Louisiana State University

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