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Participation.   Participants must be current high school students. A student may attend only one morning session: Algebra/Geometry or Open. Participation in the Algebra/Geometry session is limited to students who are presently enrolled in Algebra I, Algebra II, or Geometry. The material in the Algebra/Geometry session will be drawn from Algebra I and Geometry. The Open session and the Team event are open to all students. Algebra II students may wish to enroll in the Open session.

Morning Session.   These exams will consist of up to 20 multiple choice questions, up to 12 exact answer questions, and one essay question which is graded only in the case of a tie (see tiebreakers).

Team Session.   Teams may consist of 10 students or less. A school may enter more than one team, but only the highest scoring team of a school is eligible for medals. Schools with less than 10 students may join to form a team.

Calculators.   No calculators are allowed.

Answers.   Hand written exact answers must be written with fractions reduced, radicals simplified, and denominators rationalized. No partial credit is given for answer only problems. The tiebreaker essay question should be answered as completely as time allows. The essay question, if it is graded, will be graded for its correctness and clarity.

Tiebreakers: Morning Sessions.   In the case two papers have the same score, the paper with the highest score on the exact answer problems is the winner. If a tie remains, then the judges will grade the tiebreaker problem to decide the winner. In the event a tie still remains, the LSU faculty judge(s) will review the papers and use their judgement to make a selection.

Tiebreakers: Team Session.   If two teams have identical scores, the first team to complete and turn in their work is the winner.

Awards.   Please see the section on Prizes


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