Louisiana Conference on
Mathematical Control Theory

April 10-13, 2003
Louisiana State University
Baton Rouge, LA


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Scope of Conference

This conference includes talks by leading researchers in control engineering and mathematical control theory. Topics include nonsmooth analysis, Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman equations, computational methods in control, stabilization, and industrial applications. The conference promotes interdisciplinary contact between engineering and mathematical control researchers, and provides opportunities for young researchers and graduate students interested in applied controls and optimization to meet and interact with the established control community. Awards from the Louisiana Board of Regents and the National Science Foundation support attendance at the conference by young researchers and participants without other means of travel support.

This conference fosters advances in mathematical control theory and increased interaction between the engineering and applied mathematics communities. The meeting includes five plenary talks, and sessions on open problems in control engineering. The conference includes speakers from ten countries, including students and young faculty, furthering collaboration among research groups in different parts of the world. Broad dissemination of the conference papers will be achieved through the publication of conference proceedings.

Acknowledgement:  The organizers thank the LSU Department of Mathematics staff and Louisiana Travel for helping organize this conference.


Marcio S. de Queiroz
Assistant Organizer
Department of Mechanical Engineering,
Louisiana State University, USA
Michael A. Malisoff
MCT'03 Conference Co-Chair
Department of Mathematics,
Louisiana State University, USA
Peter R. Wolenski
MCT'03 Conference Chair
Department of Mathematics,
Louisiana State University, USA


Louisiana Board of Regents Enhancement Program
National Science Foundation Division of Mathematical Sciences

Local Information

This conference will take place on the main campus of Louisiana State University (LSU) in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The nearest airport to LSU is Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport (BTR), which is 8 miles away. BTR is serviced by Continental Airlines, and offers service to international airports in Altanta, Houston, and Memphis. Participants may find it more convenient to use the New Orleans International Airport (MSY), which is 75 miles away. However, there is no train service between Baton Rouge and New Orleans, and the bus service from New Orleans to LSU is very limited. To help find their way around LSU, participants can go to the LSU Visitor Information Center to get campus directions and parking instructions. The Visitor Information Center is at the corner of Dalrymple Drive and Highland Road. Hotel accomodations are available at the Cook Conference Center & Hotel at LSU.  The hotel web page includes detailed directions to the hotel.  The approximate cost of a taxi ride from BTR to the hotel is $18. Speakers receiving support from MCT'03 can make reservations at this hotel by contacting the Conference Chair, specifying the dates they plan to stay at the hotel. All other participants can make reservations by calling the hotel at 1-866-610-2665, specifying that they are attending the mathematics conference at LSU.  A number of social events are being planned, including an excursion to New Orleans on Sunday April 13th.  Details on MCT'03 social events will be posted later. The weather in Baton Rouge for the conference is expected to be rain-free with highs in the 60's and lows in the 40's.  

Accepted Plenary Speakers

Title of Talk
Francis Clarke The Euler Equation in the Calculus of Variations and Optimal Control: A Survey
Institut Girard Desargues,
Université Claude-Bernard
(Lyon I), FRANCE
R. Tyrrell Rockafellar Feedback and Cost-to-Go in Control Problems of Convex Type
Department of Mathematics,  
University of Washington, USA
Héctor J. Sussmann Finite-Dimensional Generalized Differentiation Theories that Satisfy the Chain Rule and Have an Open Mapping Property
Department of Mathematics,
Rutgers University, USA
Andrew R. Teel
Discrete Time Receding Horizon Optimal Control: Is the Stability Robust?
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering,
University of California-
Santa Barbara, USA
Richard Vinter Differential Games and Controller Design:  A Case Study in Process Control
Department of Electrical
and Electronic Engineering,
Imperial College, UK

Other Confirmed Speakers

Title of Talk
Fabio Ancona Stabilization by Patchy Feedbacks and Robustness Properties
Dipartimento di Matematica, Università di Bologna, ITALY
Zvi Artstein Switches and Impulses Induced by Singular Perturbations
Department of Mathematics, Weizmann Institute of Science, ISRAËL
Boris Belinskiy Some New Developments in Exact Control Theory and the Method of Moments
Mathematics Department, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, USA
Gaemus Collins
Min-Plus Eigenvector Methods for
Nonlinear H-Infinity Problems with Active Control

Department of Mathematics, University of California-San Diego, USA
Giovanni Colombo On a Class of Generalized Distances in Hilbert Spaces
Dipartimento di Matematica Pura ed Applicata,Università di Padova, ITALY
Luca Consolini
Locally Controlled Invariance of a Manifold for Nonlinear Systems

Dipartimento di Ingegneria dell'Informazione, University of Parma, ITALY

Maria do Rosário de Pinho Euler-Lagrange Inclusions for Optimal Control Problems
Faculty of Engineering (FEUP), University of Porto, PORTUGAL
Marcio S. de Queiroz A Continuous Control Mechanism for Asymptotic Tracking of Uncertain Multi-Input Nonlinear Systems
Department of Mechanical Engineering, Louisiana State University, USA
Tzanko Donchev Relaxed One-Sided Lipschitz Multifunctions and Applications
Department of Mathematics, University of Architecture and Civil Engineering, BULGARIA
Asen Dontchev An Inverse Function Theorem for Metrically Regular Mappings
Mathematical Reviews, American Mathematical Society, USA
Elza Farkhi Characterizations of Reachable Sets for a Class of Differential Inclusions
School of Mathematical Sciences, Tel Aviv University, ISRAËL
Fernando Fontes Continuous-Time Model Predictive Control and Discontinuous Feedback Stabilization
Departamento de Matemática para a Ciência e Tecnologia, Universidade do Minho, PORTUGAL
Grant Galbraith Solution Regularity via Nonsmooth Value Functions
Department of Mathematics, London School of Economics, UK
Pando Georgiev
Parametric Variational Principles in Optimal Control Problems
Brain Science Institute, The Institute of Physical and Chemical Research (RIKEN), JAPAN
Rafal Goebel Duality and Uniqueness of Convex Solutions to Stationary Hamilton-Jacobi Equations
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of California-Santa Barbara, USA
Lars Grüne Qualitative and Quantitative Aspects of the Input-To-State Stability Property
Mathematical Institute, University of Bayreuth, GERMANY
Zhong-Ping Jiang Control of Interconnected Nonlinear Systems: A Small-Gain Viewpoint
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Polytechnic University, USA
Matthias Kawski
Nonconvex Needle Variations
Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Arizona State University, USA
Miroslav Krstic Infinite Dimensional Backtepping for Boundary Control of Parabolic PDE's
Department of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering, University of California-San Diego, USA
Yuri Ledyaev Multidirectional Mean Value Inequalities and Weak Monotonicity
Department of Mathematics, Western Michigan University, USA
Yuri Levin
The Newton Bracketing Method for Minimizing Convex Functions
Queen's School of Business, Queen's University, CANADA
Michael Malisoff
Remarks on Input to State Stabilization
Department of Mathematics, Louisiana State University, USA
William McEneaney A Max-Plus Method for Bellman Equations via Summation of Dual-Space Operators
Department of Mathematics, University of California-San Diego, USA
Boris Mordukhovich Optimal Control of Differential-Algebraic Inclusions
Department of Mathematics, Wayne State University, USA
Todd Murphey
Controllability and Kinematic Reductions for Overconstrained Mechanical Systems
Department of Mechanical Engineering,
Northwestern University, USA
Chadi Nour Nonconvex Duality in Optimal Control
Institut Girard Desargues, Université Claude Bernard Lyon1, FRANCE
Yuri Orlov
Control Applications of Schwartz' Distributions in a Nonlinear Setting
CICESE Research Center, USA
Norma Ortiz
Existence of Solutions and a Decoupling Method for a Neutral Problem of Bolza
Department of Mathematics, Louisiana State University, USA
Daniel Ostrov Nonuniqueness in Systems of Hamilton-Jacobi Equations
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Santa Clara University, USA
Daniel Pasca
Periodic Solutions of Second-Order Differential Inclusions
Department of Mathematical Sciences, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, USA
Fernando Lobo Pereira Second Order Necessary Conditions for Optimal Impulsive Control Problems
Faculdade de Engenharia, Universidade do Porto, PORTUGAL
Franco Rampazzo Multitime Hamilton-Jacobi Systems
Dipartimento di Matematica Pura ed Applicata,Università di Padova, ITALY
Alain Rapaport Turnpike Theorems in Infinite Horizon by a Value Function Approach
Unité de Biométrie, Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique (INRA), FRANCE
Ludovic Rifford The Stabilization Problem: AGAS and SRS Feedbacks
Institut Girard Desargues, Université Claude-Bernard (Lyon I), FRANCE
Vinicio Rios
A Characterization of Strongly Invariant Systems for a Class of non-Lipschitz Multifunctions
Department of Mathematics, Louisiana State University, USA
Ilya Shvartsman Minimax Design of Constrained Parabolic Systems
Department of Mathematics, Wayne State University, USA
Ronald Stern Brockett's Necessary Condition for Stabilization: The State Constrained Case
Department of Mathematics, Concordia University, CANADA
Andrzej Swiech Bellman Equations for Optimal Control of Stochastic Navier-Stokes Equations
School of Mathematics,
Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
Vladimir Veliov Optimal Control of Uncertain Systems with Incomplete Information for the Disturbances
Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, BULGARIA
Bingwu Wang Generalized Differentiation for Moving Objects Department of Mathematics,
Eastern Michigan University, USA
Lianwen Wang Optimal Control of Constrained Delay-Differential Inclusions with Set-Valued Tail Conditions
Department of Mathematics,
Wayne State University, USA
Stanislav Zabic
Sampling Methods for Impulse Systems
Department of Mathematics, Louisiana State University, USA
Vera Zeidan
Critical Cones and Critical Tangent Cones in Optimization and Control Problems
Department of Mathematics, Michigan State University, USA
Qiji J. Zhu Nonsmooth Analysis on Smooth Manifolds Department of Mathematics,
Western Michigan University, USA

Contributed Papers

The conference will include contributed talks. Researchers interested in presenting a contributed paper at MCT'03 should send a plain text proposed abstract of less than 500 words to Prof. Peter Wolenski, MCT'03 Conference Chair, at  To ensure full consideration, proposed abstracts should be submitted by February 28, 2003.  

Travel Grants

Support for the main invited speakers in this conference has been provided through a grant from the Louisiana Board of Regents Support Fund. The organizing committee also intends to provide additional travel grants, primarily to graduate students and recent doctoral recipients. A grant from the US National Science Foundation has been applied for to provide the necessary funds. Only those who are presenting a paper at MCT'03 are eligible for a travel grant. Recent Ph.D.'s should be within 7 years of the degree and, if academically employed, should not be tenured. Applicants for these additional travel grants should include (1) a cover letter that includes a 1 page outline of the applicant's research, (2) a curriculum vitae including a complete list of the applicant's publications, (3) an estimate of the amount of support the applicant needs to attend the conference, and (4) one letter of recommendation from an advisor, postgraduate mentor, or other individual which discusses the applicant's research ability and presentation skills. To ensure full consideration, these materials should be received in triplicate by February 28, 2003 and be addressed to:
Professor Peter R. Wolenski, MCT'03 Chair
Department of Mathematics
Louisiana State University
Baton Rouge, LA 70803-4918.
Late applications will be considered only if funds are available. Applicants are asked to submit all their application materials in paper form, rather than electronically, if possible. 


Authors are asked to send an abstract of their talk to the Conference Co-Chair, using the abstracts template. The organizers plan to publish the MCT'03 proceedings in Springer's  LNCIS series. The estimated deadline for authors to submit their papers for inclusion in the proceedings is August 15, 2003. Details about the proceedings, including instructions to authors, will be posted on this web page soon.