Math 7290 Hecke Algebras and Reflection Groups
Fall 2005

Professor:  Pramod N. Achar
Office:  266 Lockett Hall
Phone:  225-578-7990
Office Hours:  Tues. 10:30am-12:00pm
Class information: 
Tues. & Thurs. 9:10am--10:30am
113 Lockett Hall

Problem Sets
Due Sept. 13: 1a1b
Due Sept. 27: 2aHints to 2a
Due Oct. 18: 3a (corrected)
Due Nov. 3: 4
Due Nov. 22: 5

Final Presentations

Here is a list of possible topics for the final presentations. I will add to this list as the semester goes on.

The scheduled final exam period is Saturday, December 10, 12:30--2:30pm. There will no written exam, but the final presentation papers will be due at this time.

Note: The final presentation papers are not at all meant to be stressful. It's enough to just write up the notes that you make for your talk in a slightly neater form.
Last updated: 21 August 2005.