Workshop on Geometric Group Theory
Goa, India, August 9-14, 2010
Vagador Beach, Goa Vagador Beach, Goa Vagador Beach, Goa Colva Beach, Goa

Colva Beach, Goa

DST (Department of Science and Technology, India)
NBHM (National Board for Higher Mathematics, India)
NSF (National Science Foundation, USA)
FDP (Federation Denis Poisson, France)
ANR (Agence Nationale pour la Recherche, France)
Goa University

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Download conference poster
The Workshop in geometric group theory will be held at Goa University from August 9th to 14th, 2010. This is a satellite event to the International Congress of Mathematicians (Hyderabad, August 19-27, 2010).

Geometric group theory thrives on the confluence of ideas from group theory, geometry, and topology. There are two overarching themes: that of studying groups via their actions on geometric spaces, and that of treating groups themselves as geometric objects. Questions and techniques in geometric group theory come from a wide range of sources: combinatorial group theory, three-manifolds, Lie groups, Riemannian geometry, measure theory, logic, random walks and algebraic geometry are some examples. This interdisciplinary aspect of the field has given rise to a rich circle of ideas and connections.

This workshop will seek to bring together researchers, both from India and abroad, with diverse interests that fit into the broad framework of geometric group theory. It will feature mini-courses on three prominent sub-fields in geometric group theory: lattices in Lie groups, CAT(0) groups and Out(Fn), as well as research talks on a variety of related areas. The mini-courses will be aimed at graduate students, and will be devoted to some of the motivating ideas and key examples in the area.

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Mini courses by:
Mladen Bestvina: Out(Fn)   exercises
Michah Sageev: CAT(0) cubical groups   exercises
T. N. Venkataramana: Lattices in Lie groups   notes

Talks by:
C.S. Aravinda   slides Kingshook Biswas   slides
Mike Davis   slides Yair Glasner
Alessandra Iozzi Tadeusz Januszkiewicz
Aditi Kar Martin Kassabov
Jon McCammond   slides Igor Mineyev
I.B.S. Passi Bertrand Rémy   slides
Riddhi Shah Tatiana Smirnova-Nagnibeda   slides
Karen Vogtmann Kevin Wortman

Short talks by:
Ilesanmi Adeboye Thomas Koberda
Joel Louwsma Natasa Macura
Ludovic Marquis Masato Mimura
Atish Mitra Abhishek Singh
Maneesh Thakur Vladimir Vershinin


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Organizing Committee:
Martin Bridson
Indira Chatterji
Pallavi Dani
A. J. Jayanthan
B. Sury
Geetha Venkataraman