Math 3355

Math 3355 Probability (3) Prereq.: MATH 2057. Suggested for preparation for actuarial exams. Introduction to probability, emphasizing concrete problems and applications; random variables, expectation, conditional probability, law of large numbers, central limit theorem and stochastic processes.

The Undergraduate Studies Committee recommends adding the following line to the catalog description of Math 3355: "Credit will not be given for this course and EE 3150." EE 3150 ("Probability for Electrical and Computer Engineering") is a new course being proposed this fall by the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, to replace EE 3140 ("Probability for Electrical and Computer Engineering"), which is being dropped due to inactivity. EE 3150 will say: "Credit will not be given for this course and Math 3355." So Math is just reciprocating.

Math 3355 is also mentioned (twice) in the Curriculum in Computer Science (CS).
Math 3355 is a prereq for Math 4050, 4056, and 4058.

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