OAL-RAG 2019 Baton Rouge

A conference on Order, Algebra, Logic, and Real Algebraic Geometry

8:50 AM Monday, May 6 - Noon Wednesday, May 8, 2019.

(Arrival May 5, departure May 8 or 9).

232 Lockett Hall
Department of Mathematics
Louisiana State University
Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70803


Send email to Charles N. Delzell delzell@math.lsu.edu.

Conference Hotel

The conference hotel is:

The Cook Hotel at LSU
3848 West Lakeshore Drive
Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70808
1-866-610-COOK (2665)

We have reserved a block of rooms there at the conference rate of \$119/night for a standard room (either one king-size bed or two double beds), and \$139 for a luxury suite, plus tax. Each additional person in a room beyond the first two will pay an extra \$10/night. Prices include a hot breakfast. The hotel will hold this block of rooms for us until April 8, 2019, after which it will release any unreserved rooms for sale to the general public.

Guests can make reservations in one of two ways:

(a) Visit www.thecookhotel.com, enter dates of stay and click "Check Availability." Then, in the left hand column in the resulting page, click on "Special Codes." Then, in the resulting drop-down menu under "Group Code," enter “190505OALL”. (This code is valid until April 8th.) Then click on "Check Availability" (again). Then click on "View Available Rooms." Then select either a room with a king-size bed or a room with two double beds (same price). Then enter your address and credit card information.

(b) Alternatively, call The Cook Hotel at 866-610-COOK(2665), request dates of stay and blocked code for the OAL Conference.

Cancellations must be made at least 48 hours prior to scheduled arrival.

Graduate students should contact the organizers rather than calling the hotel, as the conference will try to subsidize graduate students' lodging.

If you wish to share a room at the Cook Hotel but you do not have a roommate in mind, please let the organizers know; we will keep a list and let you know who else might be seeking roommates.

Registration Fee

Registration fee: $\le\$50.00$. This will cover refreshments served during the conference and a catered dinner at the Delzells' house on Monday (earlier announced for Tuesday, until the weatherman threatened rain for Tuesday evening). The fee will be collected on the first day of the conference.


How to get to LSU: If you let us know several days in advance when your plane will land at the Baton Rouge airport (BTR), we'll try to pick you up. A taxi (e.g., Mackie's Cab Service, 225-774-9645), if used, costs approximately \$25 from the Baton Rouge airport to the Cook Hotel. Uber costs \$20-\$30. If you're driving to Baton Rouge, check Google maps.

Schedule and Abstracts of Talks

Abstracts of talks were due on April 15, 2019. Here are the abstracts. And here is the schedule of talks.


Charles N. Delzell (delzell@math.lsu.edu; 225-439-3952 (cell))
James J. Madden (madden@math.lsu.edu; 225-978-3525 (cell))


  1. Rick Ball (University of Delaware, Emeritus); sharing hotel room with Hager; arriving 6:08 May 4; departing May 11: Structural aspects of truncated Archimedean vector lattices: good sequences, simple elements.
  2. Papiya Bhattacharjee (Florida Atlantic University); sharing room with Jana; arriving 11:06 AM May 5; departing 2:52 May 8: $\DeclareMathOperator{\Max}{Max}\Max(dL)$ vs. $\DeclareMathOperator{\Min}{Min}\Min(L)$, for $M$-Frames $L$ (40 min.).
  3. Fred Dashiell (UCLA, and CECAT at Chapman University); arriving 6:16 May 5; departing May 8: Relative Annihilators and the Normal Completion of a Subfit Lattice (20 min.).
  4. Charles N. Delzell (Louisiana State University).
  5. Anthony Hager (Wesleyan University); sharing hotel room with Ball, arriving 5:00 May 4; departing May 11: A classification of hull operators in archimedean $\ell$-groups with weak unit (40 min.; joint work with Ricardo Carrera).
  6. Purbita Jana (Institute of Mathematical Sciences (IMSc.), Chennai, India); sharing hotel room with Bhattacharjee; arriving 6:16 PM May 5; departing 2:12 May 8: Heyting Algebra and Gödel Algebra vs. Various Topological Systems and Esakia Space: a Category Theoretic Study (40 min.; joint work with Antonio Di Nola and Revaz Grigolia).
  7. Ramiro H. Lafuente-Rodriguez (University of South Dakota); sharing hotel room with McGovern, May 5-8: The $d$-radical of an $\ell$-group (20-min. talk on May 7).
  8. Jingjing Ma (University of Houston-Clear Lake); May 5-8: Extending partial orders on commutative rings with identity (40 min.).
  9. James J. Madden (Louisiana State University).
  10. Jim McEnerney, arriving ~4:00 May 5; departing May 8.
  11. Warren McGovern (Florida Atlantic University); sharing hotel room with Lafuente-Rodriguez, arriving 2:15 May 5; departing May 8: The Alexandroff Duplicate of a Yosida space (40 min.).
  12. Philip Scowcroft (Wesleyan University); May 5-9 (renting car): Essential adjunction of a strong unit to an Archimedean lattice-ordered group (40 min).
  13. Friedrich Wehrung (Université de Caen, Campus 2); Arriving 8:04 PM May 4; departing 12:06 May 9: Spectra of Abelian $\ell$-groups are anti-elementary (40 min).
  14. Brian Wynne (Lehman College, City University of New York); arriving 10:14 AM, May 5; departing 6:10 PM, May 8: More on e.c. $\ell$-groups via Fraïssé's construction (40 min).

Last updated May 4, 2019.