Marion Drennen

Quantum Connections

  • Title: Four
  • Size: Quadriptych 42” wide × 26” tall (each piece is 21” wide × 12” tall)
  • Medium: Acrylic on Board

Four panels make up the Number 4 painting. In the center is a square (4 sides) with one of the Arabic Glyphs for “4”. There are 4 Noble Truths in Buddhism: in this piece, I see these 4 truths in the panels:

Upper Left
Suffering Exists (I see all the words and glyphs for the # 4 as being the constant chatter in our heads … the absence of quiet space)
Upper Right
Suffering Arises from Attachment to Desires (the 4-sided pyramid is an “object” and so represents materialism)
Lower Left
Suffering Ceases when Attachment to Desire Ceases (more quiet space, holy readings/teachings, and the allowing-in of the “bubbles” from the 4th panel …)
Lower Right
Freedom from Suffering is Possible (I see the “bubbles” as the sheer potentiality of Quantum Physics, where the space is filled with and surrounded by the # 4, but they move freely, even moving up into the material-based panel above)
None of the panels is just one thing … each has the elements of the others.

In the upper left panel is a large Indian Glyph for “4”, with Arabic, Ancient Greek and Mayan.
In the upper right panel, an Ancient Greek Glyph, the 4-sided pyramid, and the Babylonian 4 Glyph.
The lower right panel has a square with a hill shape in it, the Chinese Glyph for “4”. The writing:

  • The number 4 is a quantity. It represents “the first born thing” because it is the “ … product of the procreative process” multiplication. 2×2=4
  • A four-leaf clover
  • There are 4 directions in the geographical coordinate system.
  • Four beasts of the Apocalypse, Connect 4, 4-Wheel Drive, The Final 4, Mah Jong: Chinese game of 4 winds
  • Square Dancing: Hands 4, 4-Star Generals, Hotels and Restaurants, Degas’ 4 Dancers, As a form, 4 is a square and represents materialization. F. D. Roosevelt’s 4 Freedoms: speech, worship, want, and fear. Dogs are our 4-legged friends
  • The 4 preferences: Extroversion/Introversion; Sensing/Intuition; Thinking/Feeling; Judging/Perceiving
  • 4-year College Degree Program, 4 Dimensions: Breadth, Width, Length, Time

In the square in the lower left panel, the writing:

  • The four elements: air, water, fire, earth
  • At Seder: 4 cups of wine, ask 4 questions, read about 4 sons
  • The 4th utterance of redemption
  • Aristotle’s 4 causes: Material, Formal, Efficient, and Final
  • 4 — a Rational Number
  • The 4 Evangelists: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John
  • 4-Letter Words are Bad

Words in different languages used in this painting:

  • Sanskrit: catvaras, catasras, catvari, catur
  • Avestan: cathwaro
  • Tokharian A: stwar
  • Tokharian B: stwer
  • Armenian: corkh
  • Ancient Greek: tettares, tessares, tetores
  • Oscan: pettier, petora
  • Latin: quattwor
  • Italian: quattro
  • Spanish: cuatro
  • French: quatre
  • Romanian: patru
  • Old Erse: cethir, cethoir
  • Breton: pevar
  • Welsh: pedwar
  • Scots Gaelic: peswar
  • Gothic: fidwor
  • Old Icelandic: fjorer
  • Swedish: fyra
  • Old Saxon: fiuwar
  • Anglo Saxon: foewer
  • English: four
  • Old High German: vier
  • German: vier
  • Church Slavonic: cetyre
  • Russian: cetyre
  • Czech: ctyri
  • Polish: cztery
  • Lithuanian: keturi