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How to access your math account files

From Linux

  • Simply log in to a department Linux machine. Your network account and your Linux home directory are the same thing.

Remote command-line

  • Use SSH to connect to This puts you in your Linux home directory, which is the same thing as your network account.

From Windows

  • If you log in to a department Windows machine, you will see both your home directory and your "H" drive, \\\yourname. That H drive is your math network account. It is distinct from the Windows home directory (which is also stored on our server, but is separate).

From Macintosh

  • Open Finder, then in the Go menu choose Connect to Server, and enter smb://

From your computer at home

  • Use file transfer tools like WinSCP, Fugu, GnuZilla to connect to host on port 22.
  • Install the VPN client from, turn on VPN, and then "map a drive" or "connect to a Windows share" at the address \\\yourname