How to access your math account files

From Linux

  • Simply log in to a department Linux machine. Your network account and your Linux home directory are the same thing.

From Windows

  • If you log in to a department Windows machine, the system will load both your Windows "roaming profile" and your "H" drive, \\\winhome. The roaming profile is synced at login and logoff and includes all user directories like Desktop, Documents, Downloads, Pictures, and so forth. That H drive is your math network account. It is distinct from the Windows roaming profile (which is also stored on our server, but is separate).

From Macintosh

  • Open Finder, then in the Go menu choose Connect to Server, and enter smb://

Remote Access

  • Use file transfer tools (SFTP Clients) like WinSCP, Fugu, Filezilla, GnuZilla to connect to host on port 22.
  • Install the VPN client from, turn on VPN, and then "map a drive" or "connect to a Windows share" at the address \\\yourname

Remote command-line

  • Use SSH to connect to . This puts you in your Linux home directory, which is the same thing as your network account.

Obtaining SSH software for Windows

We suggest using one of the following SSH programs to connect to julia. If not already installed on your Windows machine, you can obtain the software using the links below, or look on TigerWare under the File Transfer and Access category.

After launching the software, ask it to connect, and you will be prompted for the following information.

  • Host: (port 22)
  • Username: your math account username
  • Password: your (existing) math account password