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How to change your math account password

Web-based interface to change password

To change your password, simply go to

Command-line interface to change password

It's easier to go to but if you prefer using the command line:

  • Use standard SSH software to connect to (Under Linux or Mac, open a Terminal and issue the command ssh then hit enter. On a Windows computer, you'll need SSH software. See below.)
  • Log in to julia using your math account and existing math password
  • On julia, type the command passwd (and hit enter)
  • You will be prompted once for your old password, and twice for the new one
  • Type the command exit (and hit enter)

If you receive an error trying to change your password, please take note of the rules given on the page

Obtaining SSH software for Windows

We suggest using one of the following SSH programs to connect to julia. If not already installed on your Windows machine, you can obtain the software using the links below, or look on TigerWare under the File Transfer and Access category.

After launching the software, ask it to connect, and you will be prompted for the following information.

  • Host: (port 22)
  • Username: your math account username
  • Password: your (existing) math account password

Once you are connected to julia, follow the instructions given earlier above to change the password.