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301g-staplecopier instructions

301-Staplecopier Instructions

To return to the home screen at any time, press the “home” button at left   Home Button

To cancel a running job, press the red X button  



Select the copy function
from the main panel, then  
enter your copy code and
press “OK”
Select the number of copies
and other job options. Note
the “More Options” button
at the bottom.
Press the green “Copy”
button to begin the copy job




Scanning to e-mail

Select the e-mail function
from the main panel, then
enter your copy code
The  TO:  address will have your
address already selected. Press
on the  TO:  or  CC:  field to
manually type in more addresses
or press on the address book
buttons to select an address from
within the Math department.
Also, note the “More Options”
button at the bottom.
If using the address book, find
the name on the left, and use the
arrow button in the middle to
add the name
When selecting more options,
note in particular the type and
resolution. “File Type” allows
the selection of different types of
files to e-mail, and the
resolution adjusts the image quality
(higher DPI = higher quality)
(higher quality = larger file)
Press the “Send Email” button
when you are ready to scan
and e-mail