Testing Information

Summer 2022 Session B

Math 1021-1 and Math 1022-1


You are responsible for abiding by all of the rules and policies stated in the ProctorU Instructions for Students document attached at the bottom of this page.  Print it and read it carefully.  Refer to it throughout the semester.

ProctorU is a live, online proctoring service that allows you to take your exams from your home or any private location that meets ProctorU specifications.  ProctorU charges for its services.  You are responsible for these fees.  The usual cost of proctoring for each exam will be $15, payable with a debit or credit card at the time of scheduling*.  Charges are based on the usual time limit of two hours for Math 1021 and Math 1022 exams.  An accommodation for extended time does not add to the cost.

There is no other proctoring option for your exams.  Therefore, you must be able to meet and abide by all of the posted requirements and rules.

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