Suggested Study Plan

A detailed Suggested Study Plan for your course and section is attached below.  Download or print it to help you navigate through this course. 

Download or print a copy of your Daily Schedule which lists due dates for all homework assignments and quizzes and the available dates for tests and the Final Exam.  Use it to plan ahead so that you have time to learn the material, complete your work, and prepare for tests and the Final Exam.

Do not wait until the day an assignment is due to begin working.  Work some every day on this course in order to truly master the material.  Work your homework assignments, quizzes, and practice exams neatly in a notebook or binder so that you can refer back to your work.  Remember that the exercises on quizzes, tests, and the Final Exam come from the homework, so being able to solve each exercise on your own is essential.


Math 1021 and 1022 Study Plan (all sections except 51).docx18.42 KB
Math 1021 and 1022 Study Plan for Section 51 Online.docx17.77 KB