Textbook ISBN 978-0-998160-41-2 used in a LSU Mathematics courses

Interest Theory:Financial Mathematics and Deterministic Valuation (2nd edition), 2018
Authors: J. Francis and C. Ruckman
ISBN: 978-0-998160-41-2
Publisher: ActuarialBrew
Notes: For whoever is to teach it, the sections to cover will be on the Society of Actuaries' syllabus of Exam FM (Financial Mathematics). The present minimum syllabus for the February 2019 exam is as follows, and the study notes should not be necessary:
Chapter 1 to Chapter 10
Chapter 11 (excluding 11.04)
Chapter 12
Chapter 13 (excluding 13.04-13.08)
Chapter 14 (excluding 14.04 and 14.05)
Chapter 15
Chapter 16