Margaret Oxley Mathematics Education Award

Margaret Catherine Oxley This award was introduced in Spring, 2010,  following the death of Margaret Catherine Oxley at the age of thirty-six.  Margaret was the daughter of James and Judith Oxley and older sister of David. James has been a member of the Mathematics Department since 1982. This award is given each spring to a mathematics major who is graduating that calendar year with a concentration in mathematics education. The award is based on teaching ability. The award carries a cash stipend of $1,000 and was endowed by Judith and James in 2010 with the help of contributions from faculty and friends. For more on the history of this award, see

Recipients of the Award

  • Spring 2024: Christopher Hudson
  • Spring 2023: Paul Theders
  • Spring 2022: Daniella Strauss
  • Spring 2021: Jordyn Vicknair
  • Spring 2020: Kiara Ferrygood
  • Spring 2019: Madison Pratt
  • Spring 2018: Allison Petite
  • Spring 2017: Kimberly Key
  • Spring 2016: Jordyn Riviere
  • Spring 2015: Michelle Laskowski
  • Spring 2014: Macy Terrebonne
  • Spring 2013: Allie Petit
  • Spring 2012: Breanne Hughes
  • Spring 2011: Stephanie Stanley
  • Spring 2010: Kailyn Brabham