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LSU wins MAA math competition

LSU Teams for LA-MS MAA Student Team Competition
From left: Jesse Lu, Christine Derbins, Jordan Keller, Andrew Stewart, Jeremy Tillay, and Professor George Cochran.

The LSU math department sent two teams of students to compete in the “Student Team Competition” held at the meeting of the La-Miss section of the MAA on Friday, March 2, 2012. There were 21 teams from a wide variety of schools in Louisiana and Mississippi at the competition. The LSU teams won first place (\$100) and third place (\$50) with scores of 124 and 108, respectively.

The first-place team consisted of Christine Derbins, Jordan Keller, Jeremy Tillay and Paxton Turner. The third-place team consisted of Jacob Desmond, Andrew Elias, Jesse Lu and Andrew Stewart.