Fiction award for Carolyn Chun (LSU PhD 2009)

Carolyn Chun who received her PhD in mathematics in 2009 under Prof. James Oxley was awarded the 2012 Kenneth Patchen Award for her MFA thesis: "How to break article noun". The award includes a publishing contract.

Yuriy Tarnawsky writes:

"How to Break Article Noun is a carefully crafted work consisting of seven parts, with seven chapters each, which are intricately interwoven to make up for the absence of a plot. ... In addition to influences from film, Chun brings into her novel such diverse elements as pictures, terms and formulas from physics, botanical names, Latin words, poetry, and even an essay; all of this while documenting a touching and psychologically convincing case study of two people growing apart.

How to Break Article Noun was chosen as the winner of the Kenneth Patchen Innovative Fiction Award over a number of worthy candidates for the exceptional craft and originality with which it is written as well as for an insightful and precisely rendered depiction of a crisis in the life of two human beings."