The following proposal for a new catalog entry was drawn up and approved by the ad hoc Math Department MNS Committee (consisting of: Professors Adkins, Baldridge, Bourdin, Cochran, Ferreyra, Madden, Neubrander, Perlis, Sengupta, Shipman, Sundar and Wolenski and Instructors Harhad and McAnelly). It was reviewed by the Math Department Graduate Studies Studies Committee and approved by vote of that committee on October 12, 2012.

The department should submit a proposal for a new course in the 6300 series that extends the 6300 series to high school.  The text should be as follows:

6303 Implementing Curriculum Standards for Mathematics in High School (1-3)  This course is intended primarily for participants in teacher-training programs.  Mathematics selected from nationally recognized curriculum standards for high school, treated with attention to depth and the specific needs of teachers. May be repeated for up to 9 sem. hrs. credit if topics vary.

Rationale.  The department does not have a course parallel to 6301 and 6302 that is specifically for the secondary level.  Math 6300 in the past could have served this purpose, though it had different requirements and restrictions.  But we shall propose eliminating 6300 and replacing it with different course that will better address the original intent of 6300.  This, however, leaves a gap in the 6300 series.

Relationship to other courses.  This course is not an “instructional methods” course, and does not overlap with School of Education courses such as EDCI 7109 Studies in the Teaching of Elementary Mathematics or EDCI 7141 Studies in the Teaching of Mathematics in Secondary Schools, which are concerned with “techniques and materials for teaching…mathematics” and with “relationship[s] between learning theories and acquisition of mathematical skills and concepts”.

Comments.  The course will treat mathematical concepts that are significant in recognized curriculum standards.  The course is balanced in treating mathematics with rigor and depth as well as paying attention to the problems that teachers encounter in communicating about mathematics and in designing and delivering instruction.

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