New Postdocs join the Math Department

Starting Fall 2014 new postdocs join the department:

  • Luca Candelori from McGill University, Montreal, Canada. He works on modular forms and number theory, and he will be working with Ling Long, Karl Mahlburg, and Bill Hoffman
  • Cristi Guevara from the University of Arizona. Her interests lie in Nonlinear PDEs. She will be working with Stephen Shipman
  • Emily Marshall from Vanderbilt University; Graph Theory. She will be working with Bogdan Oporowski and Guoli Ding
  • Kamana Porwal (CCT Postdoc) from the Indian Institute of Science Bengalore; Numerical Analysis, Finite Element Methods. She will be working with the research group of Sue Brenner.
  • Adjunct Postdoc Yingzhan Wang will be working with Boris Rubin