Army grant for Robert Lipton

Professor Robert Lipton was awarded a grant by the Army Research Office (ARO) for work on Mathematical and Multi-Scale Foundations of Nonlocal Modeling. 

The ARO provides funding of a total of $500,000 for three years through its Solid Mechanics Program. The goal of the research is to create the theoretical and computational foundations necessary for nonlocal mechanical models to provide reliable and predictive simulations of dynamic fracture. Dynamic fracture is a complex problem involving multiple interacting cracksRobert Lipton's research will be supported by a postdoctoral associate who is funded through the grant.

Robert Lipton joined the LSU math department in 2001 from the Worcester Polytechnic Institute where
he was professor in the Department of Mathematical Sciences. 
Currently, he is the S.B Barton Professor of Mathematics.

Robert Lipton
(Photo: Bogdan Oporowski)