LSU scores at Virginia Tech Regional Math Contest

LSU Math 2017 Virginia Tech Exam Team

LSU students performed very well on the Virginia Tech Regional Math Contest. This annual competition consists of a challenging two and half hour written exam, and there were more than 700 participants from 95 colleges and universities. Out of a maximum possible score of 70 points, the national median was 1 point, and nearly half of all competitors scored zero.

LSU had 7 students earn a positive score, led by Sonia Azad with 16 points and Derek Walker with 14 points; they both ranked in the top 20% of students nationally.

The other LSU students to earn positive scores: Jonathan Cangelosi, Shelby Hust, Connor Sanford, Alyssa Smith, and Blake Tillman. The group is coached by Professor Karl Mahlburg.

Photo (from left): Karl Mahlburg, Sonia Azad and Derek Walker.