LSU Actuarial Science Program Progresses to Society of Actuaries Advanced Curriculum

LSU Math Actuarial Student Association

The LSU Department of Mathematics Actuarial Science program recently received Advanced Curriculum (UCAP-AC) recognition from the Society of Actuaries (SOA). This advancement in the status of the Actuarial Science program has been a long-term goal for the LSU Department of Mathematics, and to receive UCAP-AC status, the Actuarial program was restructured with the cooperation of the LSU Department of Experimental Statistics to alter available coursework to better prepare students for additional SOA exams.

Two new course sequences created in Mathematics will prepare students for the SOA Long-Term Actual Mathematics, and Short-Term Actuarial Mathematics exams, taught in alternating academic years. The Experimental Statistics Department restructured a graduate level course so that it was available for undergraduate students as well, to prepare for the Statistics for Risk Modeling exam. With these changes, LSU is able to provide preparation for six SOA actuarial exams; a Society of Actuaries Advanced Curriculum program requires course coverage for at least four SOA exams. It truly is an interdisciplinary effort. The exam coverage includes courses in the Departments of Experimental Statistics, Finance, and Mathematics. Additional SOA requirements are met in the Departments of Economics and Accounting and contributed to by the Department of Computer Science.

With these changes to the Actuarial Science program, students are better prepared for these exams and job placement. Early in the Actuarial Science program, students are encouraged to attempt an SOA exam so that they may appear competitive when applying for internship opportunities. Along with the SOA exams, LSU provides Validation by Educational Experience (VEE) credit. LSU is the only university or college in Louisiana approved as having an Advanced Curriculum in its actuarial science program. In the Southeastern Conference (SEC), only LSU and U. of Missouri have Advanced Curriculum programs while seven SEC Universities have the lower designation of Introductory Curriculum. In 2020, thirty percent of LSU mathematics majors are in the actuarial science concentration preparing for a career as an actuary or learning applied mathematics and statistics for business and applied statistics. Professor Lawrence Smolinsky directs the LSU Mathematics Actuarial Science program.

Contact: Jolie Cornay,