2021 Barton Superior Graduate Student Scholarships

2021 Barton Scholarships

Prerna Agarwal, Pujan Shrestha and Jagdeep Singh are awarded the 2021 Arthur K. Barton Superior Graduate Student Scholarships, and Sudip Sinha is the recipient of the 2021 A. K. and Shirley Barton Superior Graduate Student Scholarship.

Prerna Agarwal’s research is devoted to the aspects of geometric Langlands correspondence, particularly the study of formal flat G-bundles of a certain type and their relation to the representation theory of p-adic groups. The Langlands correspondence is viewed by many as one of the central subjects in modern mathematics, and Prerna is on her way to making important contributions to this field. Her Ph.D. advisor is Dan Sage.

Pujan Shrestha and Sudip Sinha are working in the area of stochastic analysis where their goal is to extend Ito integrals to non-adapted processes. The theory of stochastic integrals with adapted integrands is well established in the literature, but although desired for diverse applications, that is not the case for integrals involving non-adapted processes. Sudip and Pujan have made valuable contributions on some specific important cases of such integrals. They together have one publication in this area (in collaboration with their advisors), and two more are in preparation. Sudip also has a separate publication on this topic (in collaboration with Kuo and Zhai). Pujan has another paper on Covid modeling in preparation which is a product of his NSF-funded internship at UCLA. Their Ph.D. advisor is P. Sundar.

Jagdeep Singh’s main area of interest belongs to combinatorics, more precisely, the interaction of the graph theory and the theory of matroids. He has obtained several attractive results in this area, resulting in four articles (three in collaboration with his advisor, and one joint with a group of PhD students and senior mathematician Charles Semple). Two of these have already been published. His Ph.D. advisor is James Oxley.

The Barton Scholarships are funded through a generous endowment from Arthur K. and Shirley Barton.

(Photo: Jolie Cornay)