Departmental Service Award

The department recognizes staff and faculty members with the Departmental Service Award, for their dedicated service to the department.

Awardees over the years:

Spring 1994: James Oxley, "in recognition of service to the Department of Mathematics and commitment to the graduate assistant teaching program."
Spring 2001: John Hildebrant
Fall 2001: Len Richardson
Fall 2002: Phoebe Rouse
Spring 2004: Carruth McGehee
Spring 2007: Jimmie Lawson, "for his 50 years of service"
Spring 2013: Soula O’Bannon, "for extraordinary service to the department and the university"
Fall 2013: George Cochran, "in recognition of his distinguished service as Associate Chair for Instruction 2004–2010"
Fall 2014: Nell McAnelly
Spring 2015: Gerry C Fitch
Fall 2016: Robert Perlis , "for his long and dedicated service to the department in Particular as Department Chair from 2010 to 2016"
Fall 2021: Bill Adkins, "in recognition of his distinguished service as Director of Graduate Studies."
Fall 2021: Kathy Ulkins, "in recognition of her dedicated service as Office Manager for the department."