2022 Barton Superior Graduate Student Scholarships

Barton Scholarships 2022Jake Murphy, Miao Zhang, and Jeremy Shahan are awarded the 2022 Arthur K. Barton Superior Graduate Student Scholarships, and Jinpu Zhou is the recipient of the 2022 A. K. and Shirley Barton Superior Graduate Student Scholarship.

Jake Murphy (left, advisor Pallavi Dani) has been pursuing a PhD in geometric group theory, especially extending  Stallings' techniques for the setting of fundamental groups of CAT(0) cube complexes. He will be attending a program in geometric group theory in Montreal in the coming spring and summer and will present his work there. 

Miao Zhang (advisor Hongchao Zhang) already published two papers in the area of nonlinear optimization, one paper is under review and one in preparation. She has also been active in the SIAM Student Chapter at LSU and the Math to Industry Boot Camp VI  at the Institute for Mathematics and its Applications (IMA) in Summer 2021. 

Jinpu Zhou (advisor Arnab Ganguly) has done work at the interface of stochastic analysis and statistical learning theory. She posted one preprint and additional publications are in preparation. Despite being intensely busy with her research, she is mentoring an undergraduate student. Together, they are working on a manuscript based on the undergraduate research project.

Jeremy Shahan's (advisor Shawn Walker) research area is in numerical analysis of liquid crystals, especially the PDE analysis of a semi-linear, tensor-valued, parabolic problem coming from the Landau-de Gennes model of LCs. The motivation here is to do optimal control/design of LC devices, which comes under the framework of PDE-constrained optimization. 

(Photo: Bogdan Oporowski)