2023 Barton Superior Graduate Student Awards

2023 Barton Awards Jack Dalberg, Brian Grove, and Emma Lien have been honored with the 2023 Arthur K. Barton Superior Graduate Student Scholarships, while Iswarya Sitiraju is the recipient of the 2023 A. K. and Shirley Barton Superior Graduate Student Scholarship.

Emma Lien (advisor Ling Long). Emma’s research projects are on Galois representations attached to modular forms, and the modularity of hypergeometric Galois representations as described in Langlands program. She has completed a paper on the Galois representation interpretations of weight-1 multiplicative eta quotients, which is the first part of her thesis. Currently, she is working on how to characterize families of Artin representations. She is on track to graduate in 2024. 

Jack Dalberg (advisor Jiuyi Zhu). Jack’s research projects are on quantitative unique continuation for solutions of linear partial differential equations, with particular focus on the Steklov-type elliptic equations. He has made good progress and obtained interesting results on this topic. His was awarded an AMS travel grant to give a talk at an AMS special section meeting at University of South Alabama in October, 2023. In addition, Jack is also involved in the outreach activities for making mathematical demonstrations for the 6th grade students in EBR public schools. 

Brian Grove (advisors Ling Long and Fang-Ting Tu). Brian’s research projects are on hypergeometric functions over finite fields. He has one single-authored preprint on computing the Sato-Tate distribution. He is currently working on a joint project with Michael Allen, Fang-Ting Tu and Ling Long. He has delivered numerous presentations at conferences, showcasing his research. Brian has also been the organizer of weekly number theory working seminar since Fall 2021 and a student organizer for the Southern Regional Number Theory Conferences in 2022 and 2023. 

Iswarya Sitiraju (advisor: Gestur Olafsson). Iswarya’s work is in homogeneous spaces, abstract harmonic analysis, and mathematical physics, with one article already submitted to a highly ranked subject-area journal. Another paper, stemming from her work with Professor Peter Wolenski on deep learning is in preparation. Her work has already received broad recognition in the mathematical community. Iswarya additionally is a highly regarded teacher and has contributed to the department through activities such as organization of the harmonic analysis seminar and Student Colloquium series, and participation in the Geaux program. 

(Photo: Jolie Cornay and Miranda Kent)