LSU College of Science

Combinatorics Group

The combinatorics research group has five faculty members and two postdocs, see below. There are currently ten Ph.D. students working with group members. They are also listed below. The research interests of the faculty members are in graph theory and matroid theory. The focus of this work has been on structure theory for graphs and matroids but has also included computational issues relating to these structures and various invariants associated with them. Group members have been well supported by federal research grants. Currently two members of the group are supported by NSF grants. More than 25 Ph.D. students have received degrees under the supervision of the five professorial faculty in the group. Group members have produced more than 200 research publications.

Group Members:

  • Ben Clark, Postdoc, Ph.D. (Victoria University of Wellington, 2015; Advisor: Geoff Whittle)
  • Guoli Ding, Professor, Ph.D. (Rutgers, 1991; Advisor: Paul Seymour)
  • Emily Marshall, Postdoc, Ph.D. (Vanderbilt, 2014; Advisor: Mark Ellingham)
  • Bogdan Oporowski, Professor, Ph.D. (Ohio State, 1989; Advisor: Neil Robertson)
  • James Oxley, Boyd Professor, Ph.D. (Oxford, 1978; Advisor: Dominic Welsh)
  • Stefan van Zwam, Assistant Professor (Eindhoven, 2009; Promotor: Bert Gerards; Co-Promotor: Rudi Pendavingh)
  • Dirk Vertigan, Professor, Ph.D. (Oxford, 1992; Advisor: Dominic Welsh)

Graduate Students:

  • Matthew Barnes; advisor: Bogdan Oporowski
  • Kimberly D'Souza; advisor: Guoli Ding
  • Joshua Fallon; advisor: Bogdan Oporowski
  • Tara Fife; advisor: James Oxley
  • Victoria Fontaine; advisor: James Oxley
  • Kevin Grace; advisor: Stefan van Zwam
  • Chanun Lewchalermvongs; advisor: Guoli Ding
  • Simon Pfeil; advisor: James Oxley
  • Shilin Wang; advisor: Guoli Ding
  • Kristen Wetzler; advisor: James Oxley