OAL 2017 Baton Rouge

Conference on Order in Algebra and Logic

"OAL 2017 Baton Rouge"

Monday May 15 - Wednesday May 17, 2017

205 Prescott Hall
Department of Mathematics
Louisiana State University
Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70803


Send email to Charles N. Delzell, delzell@math.lsu.edu.

Arranging Your Travel

We expect most participants to arrive on Sunday, May 14.  Lectures will begin Monday morning, and will end at Noon on Wednesday, May 17.

The conference hotel is:

The Cook Hotel at LSU
3848 West Lakeshore Drive
Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70808
1-866-610-COOK (2665)

We have reserved a block of rooms there at the conference rate of \$119/night for a standard room (either one king-size bed or two double beds), and \$139 for a suite, plus tax. Each additional person in a room beyond the first two will pay an extra \$10/night. Prices include continental breakfast; a full buffet breakfast is available for an additional charge.

Participants should contact the hotel directly to make reservations. If you book by telephone, mention "OAL 2017 - Math Conference" when booking your room. If you book online, go to http://www.thecookhotel.com and click on "Check Availability." Then, in the left hand column, click on "Special Codes," and in the resulting drop-down menu, under "Group Code," enter "OAL2017". Then fill out the rest of the form. You should have paid in full by April 16; you can get a refund if you cancel your reservation more than 48 hours prior to scheduled arrival.

Graduate students should contact the organizers rather than calling the hotel, as the conference will pay for student lodging.

If you wish to share a room at the Cook Hotel but you do not have a roommate in mind, please let the organizers know; we will keep a list and let you know who else might be seeking roommates.

Registration fee: \$100.00, but waived for students. This will cover incidental expenses such as refreshments. The fee will be collected on the first day of the conference.  Unexpended fees will be donated to OAL.

How to get to LSU: If you let us know several days in advance when your plane will land at the Baton Rouge airport (BTR), we'll try to pick you up.  A taxi, if used, costs approximately $25. If you're driving to Baton Rouge, check Google maps.

Schedule and Abstracts of Talks

Abstracts of talks were due on April 15, 2017. Here are the abstracts. And here is the schedule of talks.


Charles N. Delzell (delzell@math.lsu.edu; 225-439-3952 (cell))
James J. Madden (madden@math.lsu.edu; 225-978-3525 (cell))


  1. Rick Ball (University of Denver): Pointfree pointwise convergence, Baire functions, and epimorphisms in truncated archimedean $\ell$-groups (joint work with Anthony W. Hager; 40 min); sharing hotel room with Hager, May 12-19).
  2. Papiya Bhattacharjee (Pennsylvania State University at Erie): Lamron $\ell$-groups (joint work with Warren McGovern; 20 min); sharing hotel room with Purbita Jana, May 14-18; arriving BTR at 2:00.
  3. Fred Dashiell (Chapman University/University of California at Los Angeles): Distributive joins, relative annihilators, and the lattice of cozero sets (40 min); hotel May 14-18; arriving B.R. 6:41 on United 6272 from Houston.
  4. Charles N. Delzell (Louisiana State University).
  5. Themba Dube (University of South Africa (Unisa): A result of Larson made algebraic (20 min); hotel May 13-18; arriving B.R. 2:30, May 13, on Delta 1246 (from Atlanta).
  6. José Fernando (University of Complutense): A substitution theorem for rings of semialgebraic functions and applications (40 min); hotel May 13-18; arriving B.R. 10:22 on AA 2846 from Charlotte.
  7. Goulwen Fichou (Université de Rennes; visiting UBC at Vancouver): Sum of squares of continuous rational functions (40 min); hotel May 14-17; arriving B.R. 8:42 AM (from Houston).
  8. Wesley Fussner (University of Denver): Representing involutive residuated lattices (20 min); hotel May 14-18; arriving BTR 11:40 AM.
  9. Anthony Hager (Wesleyan University): Compact Condensations and Compactifications (40 min). (Sharing hotel room with Ball, May 12-19; arriving B.R. 2:15 AA 2830 (from Dallas)).
  10. Tega Ighedo (University of South Africa (Unisa): On the $z$-ideal functor (20 min); hotel May 13-18; arriving B.R. 2:30, May 13, on Delta 1246 (from Atlanta).
  11. Purbita Jana (University of Calcutta): Graded Frame vs Generalised Geometric Logic (40 min); sharing hotel room with Papiya Bhattacharjee, May 14-18; arriving B.R. 6:41 on United 6272 from Houston.
  12. Ramiro H. Lafuente Rodriguez (University of South Dakota): $n$-th Roots in the Group of Automorphisms of an o-Group of Finite Archimedean Rank (20 min); hotel May 14-18; arriving B.R. 10:06 PM, AA 2814 (from Dallas).
  13. Jingjing Ma (University of Houston-Clear Lake): Directed Partial Orders on $C_F$ and $H_F$ (20 min); hotel May 14-16 (driving from Houston).
  14. James J. Madden (Louisiana State University): Rings of fractions of $f$-rings (20 min); no hotel reservation (lives in B.R.).
  15. Jim McEnerney: A real Nullstellensatz with multiplicity (40 min); hotel May 14-17; arriving 2:15 AA 2830 (from Dallas).
  16. Warren McGovern (Florida Atlantic University): Spaces of Ultrafilters and Maximal $d$-subgroups (joint work with Papiya Bhattacharjee; 40 min).
  17. Imanol Mozo Carollo (CECAT - Chapman University, and The University of the Basque Country): Discontinuous real functions on frames from a lattice-theoretic approach (20 min); hotel May 14-18; arriving New Orleans 4:00; taking Uber to B.R.; leaving B.R. May 17(?).
  18. Philip Scowcroft (Wesleyan University): Some lex-sums and lex-products with infinite basis (40 min); hotel May 14-18; arriving B.R. 10:54 AM on AA 2895 (from Charlotte).
  19. Friedrich Wehrung (Université de Caen): Spectral spaces of Abelian lattice-ordered groups (40 min); hotel May 13-19(? leaving B.R. May 18); arriving B.R. 9:21 PM on Delta 5253.
  20. Brian Wynne (Lehman College, CUNY): More on upper extensions of existentially closed Abelian lattice-ordered groups (20 min); hotel May 14-17; renting car from New Orleans airport.

Last updated May 15, 2017.