Spring 2012 Awards

Spring 2012 Award Recipients
From left, top: Jake Blanton, Katie Stelly, Christine Derbins, Stephanie Kurtz, Breanne Hughes, Rebecca Landry; bottom: Perry Iverson, Aleksandr Smirnov, Austin Scirratt, Jacob Desmond, and Jordan Keller

LSU Awards

  • Professor Lawrence Smolinsky received H.M. “Hub” Cotton Award for Faculty Excellence.
  • Professor Milen Yakimov received the 2011 Rainmaker Award.
  • Stephanie Kurtz received George H. Deer Distinguished Teaching Award
  • Ameziane Harhad and Terrie White received the Tiger Athletic Foundation Undergraduate Teaching Award (University College).
  • Katie Stelly was inducted into the Phi Beta Kappa Society.

College of Science Awards

  • Hannah Manuel received College of Science Outstanding Senior Award. Next year, Hannah will attend Georgia Tech on National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship.
  • Christine Derbins received College of Science Outstanding Junior Award.

Departmental Awards and Recognitions

  • Aleksandr Smirnov received Porcelli Award for Graduate Academic Excellence.
  • Jacob Matherne received David Oxley Graduate Student Teaching Award.
  • Breanne Hughes received Margaret Oxley Math Education Award.
  • Jordan Keller received Robert and Betti Giles Senior Math Award.
  • Hannah Manuel received Porcelli Senior Scholarship and the Top Individual Performer on the Putnam Exam Award.
  • Jacob Desmond received Porcelli Junior Scholarship.
  • Rebecca Landry received Geaux Teach Award.
  • Jake Blanton, Vivian He, Perry Iverson, and Austin Scirratt received Certificates of Teaching Excellence.
  • Jesse Levitt coached the Baton Rouge High School team, who scored second in the Harvard-MIT Math Contest.

Congratulations to all!