LSU College of Science

Placement of Undergraduate Students at Graduate Programs

Towards PhD/Doctoral degree
2018Zachary BradshawVela-Vick
Tulane University
Margarite LaBordeUniversity of Arizona
College of Optical Sciences
Benjamin LaneMIT
Derek WalkerUniversity of Michigan
2017Daniel BourgeoisBrennerRice University
2017 NSF Graduate Fellowship in Mathematical
Sciences - Computational Statistics
Emily Ribando-GrosMichigan State University
Computer Science
Honors Thesis: The Elvis Problem: A Minimal Time Problem with Constant Dynamics
George OwenBrennerFlorida State University
Scientific Computing
2016Jared AbleCohenMichigan State University
2014 REU Missouri State
2015 REU Berkeley
Honors Thesis: Resonance Varieties of
Pure Braid-Like Groups
Jesse CliftonShipmanNC State
Amanda MayhallDasbachNC State
Applied Mathematics
2015 BOR/NSF SURE Grant
Honors Thesis: Perfect Matchings and their Applications
Colleen RobichauxNeubranderUniversity of Illinois
2013 REU Missouri State University,
2014 REU University of Minnesota Twin Cities,
2015 Astronaut Scholarship
2018 NSF Graduate Research Fellowship
Shawn WilliamsVela-VickRice University
Dustin WrightShipmanTexas A&M
Dustin Wright (2016; Texas A&M),
Amanda Mayhall (2016; NC State),
Colleen Robichaux (2016; University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)
2015Bruno BeltranNeubranderStanford
Chemical and Systems Biology
2015 NSF Graduate Research Fellowship in
Systems and Molecular Biology
2013 Goldwater Scholarship
Honors Thesis: Matrix Exponentiation without Scaling and Squaring
Rachael KellerDasbach
Columbia University
Applied Mathematics
2015 NSF Graduate Research Fellowship in
Mathematical Sciences
2014 Honorable Mention: Goldwater Scholarship
Honors Thesis: Encoding Knots
Bryce LelbachUC Berkeley
Computer Science
Jason MuellerUniversity of Bristol (UK); Physics
Centre for Quantum Photonics
Ian Runnels SageUniversity of Virginia,
Avery St. Dizier NeubranderCornell University, Mathematics2014 Cornell REU
2013 UNL REU
2012 LSU VIGRE SMILE Program
Jeremy TillayShipmanRice University
Computational and Applied Mathematics
Honors Thesis: Scattering of Motion on a Half-infinite
Quantum Graph Tube
Paxton TurnerYakimov
MIT, Mathematics
(starting in 2016)
2014 Goldwater Scholarship
Honors Thesis: Modeling Deformations of Solids at the Continuum Scale
Cedric WilliamsNotre Dame, Mechanical Engineering
Brandon OubreU Mass, Amherst, Computer Science2014 Goldwater Scholarship
Bruno Beltran (2015; Stanford),
Jason Mueller (2015; University of Bristol, UK),
Rachael Keller (2015; Columbia),
Paxton Turner (2015; MIT), and
Avery St. Dizier (2015; Cornell)
2014Jacob DesmondNeubranderPurdue University, Mathematics
Laura JohnsonSage
University of Georgia, Mathematics
2013 Nathan BushTexas A&M, Mathematics2012 LSU VIGRE SMILE Program
Daniel CaseNorthwestern University, Physics
Donovan B. MyersUniversity of Illinois,
Urbana Champaign, Physics
Thomas NaugleUniversity of Mississippi, Mathematics2011 LSU VIGRE SMILE Program
Sarah SegerRichardson
Rice University, Mathematics2012 LSU VIGRE SMILE Program
Casey TsaiLSU, Mathematics
Jerome WestonShipmanPh.D. 2018, LSU, MathematicsHonors Thesis: "Scattering Off Of An Unusual Boundary"
2011 & 2012 LSU VIGRE SMILE Program
Jordan Keller (2012; Columbia),
Brittan Famer (2009; University of Michigan) and
Hannah Manuel (2012; Georgia Tech)
at the 2009 LSU Chancellor’s Future Leaders in
Research Poster Session
2012Taylor CollinsUniversity of Houston, Economics2010 LSU VIGRE SMILE Program
Jordan KellerStoltzfusPh.D. 2017, Columbia University,
Fellow in Mathematics at the Black
Hole Initiative at Harvard University

LSU Chancellor's Future Leader in Research
2011 Cornell REU in Mathematics

Alexander LederMIT, Physics2014 NSF Graduate Fellowship in Particle Physics
Hannah ManuelDasbachGeorgia Tech, Mathematics

LSU Chancellor's Future Leader in Research
2009 LSU VIGRE SMILE Program
REU in Mathematics at the University of Washington (2010)
Budapest Semester in Mathematics, Hungary (Fall 2010)
NDSEG Fellow (2012)
Publication: Abernathy, Armond, Cohen, Dasbach,
Manuel, Penn, Russell, Stoltzfus: "A reduced set
of moves on one-vertex ribbon graphs coming from links",
Proc. AMS. Soc. 142 (2014), no. 3, 737–752

2011Philip BengeGeorgia Tech, M.S. Mathematics
Washington University in St. Louis, Ph.D. 2017
2009 LSU VIGRE SMILE Program
Nicholas CannadyLSU, Physics2009, 2010 LSU VIGRE SMILE Program
2010Jennifer Ribbeck Shipman

U. of Tennessee, Knoxville,

Publication: S. Shipman, J. Ribbeck, K.H. Smith, C. Weeks.
"A Discrete Model for Resonance Near Embedded Bound States",
IEEE Photonics Journal, vol. 2, no. 6, pp.911-923, 2010.
Katherine SmithShipmanWashington University
Medical School, St. Louis
LSU Chancellor's Future Leader in Research
Publication: S. Shipman, J. Ribbeck, K.H. Smith, C. Weeks.
"A Discrete Model for Resonance Near Embedded Bound States",
IEEE Photonics Journal, vol. 2, no. 6, pp.911-923, 2010
Honors Thesis: "A Discrete Nonlinear Model of Resonant Scattering"
Jessica DowdShipmanUniversity of Houston,
Maliha LuqmanShipmanGeorge Mason University,
Mathematics (since Fall 2012)
2009 LSU VIGRE SMILE Program
2009Brittan FarmerDasbach
PhD 2015, University of Michigan,
PostDoc, University of Minnesota

LSU Chancellor's Future Leader in Research
DAAD Undergraduate Scholarship (2007)
Year abroad: University of Tübingen, Germany (2007/2008)

Chris WhitePhD 2015, UT Austin,
2007Stephanie HicksPhD 2013, Rice University,
PostDoc, Harvard, Biostatistics

Towards Masters degree
2018Alex TryforosMaster of Applied Statistics, LSU
2017Kathryn CatalanMaster of Natural Science, LSU
Allyson MorthlandMaster of Natural Sciences, LSU
2015Zachary BelouMasters of Science in Analytics
Program, LSU
Alexandra BouletMaster of Natural Sciences, LSU
Hana ChangMasters of Science in Analytics
Program, LSU
Mallory CondalaryMasters of Science in Analytics
Program, LSU
Victoria D'AntonioMaster of Natural Sciences, LSU
Jacqueline HoeftWestern Illinois University
College Student Personnel Program
Morgan LandryNeubrander
Master of Natural Sciences, LSU
Rebecca Grace NguyenMaster of Natural Sciences, LSU
Tyler WalesMasters in Divinity;
New Orleans Baptist Theological
Seminary (starting 2016)
2014Kelsey MessonnierMasters Business Analytics
University of Warwick, UK
2013Ross HartfieldMasters in Data Analytics
2012Andrew ChappleMasters Applied Statistics
Dept. of Experimental Statistics,
LSU AgCenter
2010 & 2011 LSU VIGRE SMILE Program
2011James BoffenmyerM.S. Civil Engineering,
University of South Alabama
2010 LSU VIGRE SMILE Program
James PellegrinMasters, ISDS, LSU2009 LSU VIGRE SMILE Program
Peter AmuhayaMasters, Applied Statistics,
LSU AgCenter
Stephanie StanleyMasters, Math Education,
UT Austin
Chuan CaiMasters in Statistics,
University of Delaware
2010David MiksaMasters of Actuarial Science
Department of Mathematical Sciences
Ball State University
2009 LSU VIGRE SMILE Program