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Four LSU faculty members named Fellows of the American Mathematical Society

Four LSU faculty members were recognized as inaugural Fellows of the American Mathematical Society (AMS).

Prof. Sue Brenner received her PhD in 1988 from the University of Michigan. Coming from the University of South Carolina she joined the LSU faculty in 2006. She published over 75 papers on Computational Mathematics. She is the managing editor of "Mathematics of Computation", and on the editorial board of twelve other journals. Prof. Brenner received the Humbold Forschungspreis in 2005, and became SIAM fellow in 2010. In the same year she was named the Michael S. and Roberta Nesbit McDonald Professor of Mathematics.

Prof. James Oxley received his PhD in 1978 from Oxford University, UK. He joined the LSU faculty in 1982. He has published over 140 papers in matroid and graph theory, and is author of the standard text book "Matroid theory". Over 15 students have completed Ph.D.'s under his direction. Prof. Oxley is on the editorial board of "Combinatorics, Probability and Computing", the "SIAM Journal on Discrete Mathematics" and the "Journal of Combinatorial Theory, Series B", the premier journal in combinatorics.
He was named Alumni Professor in 1999.

Profs. Pierre Conner and Robert Koch are retired faculty members.