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Diving into matroid theory

Name: James Oxley

Position: Boyd Professor

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Mathematics Department, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA 70803-4918, USA

Brief vita in pdf format.

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Spring, 2014.

Math 7002-01. Communicating Mathematics II TuTh 3:00 - 4:50. Lockett 241. Here is a description of the course project.

Office Hours: Fall, 2013. By appointment.

Research interests:

Matroid theory and graph theory. Here is an introduction to matroid theory entitled "What is a matroid?", in Postscript format and in pdf format. This paper is a revision of a paper

that appeared in Cubo 5 (2003), 179-218. It contains some new material, including some exercises, along with updates of some results from the original paper. It was prepared for presentation at the Workshop on Combinatorics and its Applications run by the New Zealand Institute of Mathematics and its Applications in Auckland in July, 2004.

A second edition of my book [Matroid Theory, Oxford University Press, New York] was published on February 17, 2011 in the UK. This is a major revision of the book available in hardback and paperback. In the USA, publication was in April, 2011 in hardback and paperback. Here is a file containing an errata and update on conjectures, problems, and references from the second edition of the book in pdf format.

Here is a file containing an errata and update on conjectures, problems, and references from the first edition of the book in pdf format and in Postscript format. In July, 2006, the first edition (1992) of the book was reprinted with corrections in a paperback version available through Oxford University Press in the USA and in the UK and Europe. This version of the book incorporates the changes listed in the abovementioned errata.

Recent publications:

Preprints of all of my papers since 2000 and certain other earlier papers may be obtained by clicking on the paper titles below.

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