Hubert Butts Departmental Alumni Professorship in Mathematics

Hubert Butts The Hubert Butts Memorial LSU Alumni Association Departmental Professorship in Mathematics was established in 2001 by the family, friends and former students of Hubert Butts. In 1953 Hubert Butts received his PhD from The Ohio State University and joined the LSU math department, where he was professor for 35 years. He was the winner of numerous teaching awards, a decorated World War II veteran, and he became the Department's first Alumni Professor in 1979. Hubert Butts died on December 11, 1999. While at LSU he directed 14 PhD students.

The Hubert Butts Alumni Professorship was previously held by:

Bob Dorroh (2002)
Robert Perlis (2003-2006)
Gestur Olafsson (2006-2011)
Ambar Sengupta (2011-2016)
Guoli Ding (2017-)