Partial Differential Equations Group

Group Members:

Robert LiptonDr. LiptonMathematical materials science, partial differential equations
Li-yeng SungProf. SungPartial differential equations, inverse scattering, numerical analysis
Michael M. TomProf. TomPartial differential equations

Graduate Students:

Gideon DaspanDaspanAdvisor: Michael Tom

Selected publications:

  1. Michael Tom with Gideon Daspan, Comparison of the KP and the BBM-KP models, to be submitted
  2. Michael Tom, On a generalized KP model
  3. Yue Liu and Michael Tom, Blow-up and instability of a regularized long-wave-KP equation, Differential and Integral Equations, vol 16(9), (2003), 1131-1152
  4. J. L. Bona, Y. Liu and M. M. Tom, The Cauchy problem and stability of solitary-wave solutions for the RLW-KP equations, J. Diff. Eq. 185, (2002), 437-482
  5. Michael Tom, Some generalizations of the Kadomtsev-Petviashvili equation, J. Math. Anal. Appl., 243, (2000), 64-84